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Today In Genealogy History – October 14, 2011

Susan Hancock Linton and Young William Moran were married 167 years ago – October 14, 1844 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Susan was the daughter of Lewis Linton and Sarah Janes.  Young was the son of William Moran, Jr., and Susan Linton.  Young and Susan had one daughter, Susan M., before moving to Lincoln County, Missouri, where they had 4 more children:  Martha J., John H., Charles L. and Ann Catherine.

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  1. Phyllis, I need a good copy of the William Moran, Sr will that shows that William Moran Jr is his son. The copy you have on your web site comes across faded and I need a copy of it to authenticate my linage in the Moran family for my membership into DAR. I also would like to know where William Sr is buried, along with his wife. Please advise so that I can forward you money for the copies and postage. Thank you so much. I hope this finds you and your family doing well, glad to see you back up, missed you!!!!
    Am planning on a Moran family reunion the last Saturday in September.
    I have traced one of our long lost cousin/uncle’s civil war record. He fought in the Battle of Franklin, was wounded and died a few days after capture.
    His father was Henry E Moran, mother Susan Brown. He was a member ot the Mo 2nd and 6th CSA. The history of the unit is rather interesting. I have been searching to see if I could find the exact location of where he is buried but so far no luck. If you will send me your address, I will send you lots of documentation on the Moran’s. Going over to Landacher Cemetery this week-end. Thanks!!
    Long lost cuz from Mo,

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