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Weddings in the December 6, 1895 Issue of The Hopkinsville Kentuckian

The Hopkinsville Kentuckian, Christian County, Kentucky

Friday, December 6, 1895


Campbell-Leonard – Mr. J. Wheeler Campbell, of Paducah, son of Judge James Campbell, and Miss Mary Leonard, of Eddyville, the charming daughter of Col. S. N. Leonard, were united in marriage at the residence of the bride’s father at Eddyville, Wednesday evening.  The ushers were Messrs. Given Campbell, of St. Louis, Robb Noble and Tom Leonard, of Eddyville.  Vincent Nigro’s Italian band furnished music of the occasion, and at midnight the couple took the train for the east.  They will be at home to their friends in Paducah after December 14th.

Claggett-Settle – Mr. Ward Claggett and Miss Carrie Settle were married at the home of the bride, in Clarksville, Wednesday evening, Rev. A. M. Growden officiating.  The young couple took the train at once for their home in this county, arriving on the 8:50 accommodation.  Mr. Claggett is a prominent and highly esteemed young farmer, near this city.  The bride is a lovable and attractive young land, and the groom is to be congratulated upon his good fortune in winning her.

Jones-Sivley – Mr. A. A. Jones, of Owensboro, and Miss Sallie E. Sivley, of this city, were married at the Methodist church Wednesday afternoon, by Rev. H. C. Settle.  They left the same evening for their home in Owensboro.  Mr. Jones is a well-known furniture dealer of that city.  The bride is a daughter of Mr. George Sivley and is a handsome brunette of unusual attractiveness.

Taylor-Miller – J. M. Taylor and Miss Leona Miller, of Elkton, were married at the Northington House Clarksville, Wednesday, Squire Zopher Smith officiating.  J. A. Taylor and Miss Lennie Edward, R. L. Morris and Miss Mary Thompson, all of Elkton, were the attendants.

Turner-Wilson – Mr. George Turner and Miss Lula Wilson, both of the Cerulean neighborhood, were married in this city Tuesday by Judge Breathitt.

Johnson-Trotter – Mr. W. W. Johnson and Miss Rodler Trotter, both of North Christian, were married at the home of the bride’s parents Wednesday afternoon.

Rudolph-Moss – W. S. Rudolph and Miss Maud Moss, of Jordan Springs, were united in marriage December 1, at 3 o’clock, by Rev. J. R. Rice at the residence of Mr. Shanklin, in Clarksville.

Marriages From Nicholas County

Parties Names – By Whom Married – Dates
  • John Wiley to Hannah Rouse, by John P. Campbell – 13th July 1800
  • John Saunderson to Ibby Galbreath, by Augustine Easton – 24th December 1800
  • Peter Mann to Barberry Jones, by John Whitaker – no date returned
  • John Fearman to Jane McClelland, by John Whitaker – no date returned
  • Thomas Jones to Jane Easley, by John Whitaker – no date returned
  • George Frayman to Margaret Snap, by John Whitaker – no date returned
  • John Evans to Margaret Caldwell, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 1st January 1801
  • David Caldwell to Eleanor McClanahan, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 25th February 1801
  • Daniel Newcome to Christian Davidson, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 26th March 1801
  • John Johnston to Sarah Craig, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 28th May 1801
  • Edward P. Criswell to Mary Stephenson, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 6th August 1801
  • Andrew Bunton to Elizabeth Lockridge, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 26th November 1801
  • Benjamin Burdin to Elizabeth Tully, by M. Hill – 6th November 1801
  • Samuel Marshall to Susannah Waggoner, by John Whitaker – 30th July 1802
  • John Williamson to Sarah Grosviner, by John Whitaker – 30th July 1802
  • Thomas Reveal to Elizabeth McFerrin, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 21st January 1802
  • Dennis Conners to Polly Burke, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 9th February 1802
  • William McLees to Elizabeth Caldwell, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 25th February 1802
  • Robert Hall to Mary Thomson, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 22nd April 1802
  • Robert Pendergrass to Ester Kilgore, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 23rd September 1802
  • William Wishart to Betsy Rodes, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 7th October 1802
  • James Piper to Frances Ray, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 30th November 1802
  • John Moore to Easter Archer, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 7th December 1802
  • Isaac Darland to Jenny Wilson, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 9th December 1802
  • John Myers to Ruth Smart, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 6th January 1803
  • Thomas Caldwell to Polly Caldwell, by Bartholomew W. Stone – 2nd June 1803
  • Samuel Haslett to Mary Stephenson, by John P. Campbell – 25th March 1802

Starling Robertson – Hester Smith 1800 Marriage Bond and Consent

Starling Robertson and Hester Smith were married February 18, 1800, in Washington County, Kentucky.  Flemming (or Flemon) Sterling was bondsman.  Samuel Robertson and Hannah Robertson signed the marriage consent for their son.

I found a marriage later in the year – July 9, 1800 – between Flemon Robertson and Mary Smith, probably Hester’s sister.  Samuel Robertson was listed as Mary’s guardian.

Know all men by these presents that we, Starling Robertson and Flemming Robertson are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency, the Governor of Kentucky, in the sum of fifty pounds current money to the payment whereof well and truly to be made unto the said Governor and his successors.  We bind ourselves, our heirs, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this 18th day of February 1800.

The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended between the above bound Starling Robertson and Hester Smith, for which a license has issued.  Now, if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage, then this obligation to be void, else to remain in full force.

Starling Robertson, Flemon Robertson

I hereby certify that we have no objection to the Clerks issuing of a marriage license for Starling Robertson and Hester Smith to be married.  Given under our hands and seals this 18th day of February 1800.

Samuel Robertson, Hannah Robertson

Teste.  Solomon Robertson, Pleasant Robertson

Washington County Marriage Records

1901 Wedding of Hermia Louise Northup and Francis Burchard Harrington

After typing an obituary or a wedding announcement, as in this case, I always try to find more information to add to my article.  What I found was rather sad, and I almost decided not to publish this blog, but since life isn’t always kind, I decided I would.  More information at the bottom.

Hermia Louise Northup was a daughter of Jay Northup and Emma Eliza Wood, both born in New York.  In the 1880 census of Lawrence County, Kentucky, Jay was 37, Emma was 36, Mary was 11, Pheba was 5; Hermia was 3 and Emma was six months.  Twenty years later, in 1900, only the two youngest daughters remain at home.  Jay and Emma have been married 33 years, and of eight children, four are living.

Louisa, Kentucky, is the county seat for Lawrence County.  In 1900 there were a little more than a thousand people living there; one hundred years later the population has doubled – still not a metropolis.  I love small towns – everyone knows everyone, people are close and even small things are exciting – much less a society wedding!

The Big Sandy News, Louisa, Lawrence County, Kentucky

Friday, October 11, 1901


Of One of Louisa’s Most Charming Young Ladies

A wedding of more than usual interest to Louisa people occurred at Ashland, Wednesday of this week.  At eleven o’clock, a.m., on that day, Miss Hermia Louise Northup, of Louisa, became Mrs. Francis Burchard Harrington, of Albany, New York.  The marriage took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Russell, the latter being the bride’s sister.  Rev. W. H. Hampton, of the Episcopal Church, spoke the fateful words that bestowed the new name upon one of our most lovable girls.

The spacious parlors were artistically decorated in palms.  To the strains of the Lohengrin Wedding March, by the Leroy Orchestra, the bridal party entered.

Miss Emily Northup, youngest sister of the bride, acted as maid of honor, while Mr. Tensck, of New York, was groomsman.

The bride wore a magnificent gown of white Louisine crepe.

The affair was kept so quiet that only members of the family knew anything of the arrangements.  Friends had expected the event to occur soon, but were taken unawares at last.  The inefficient train service up this way was the principal reason for having the wedding occur in Ashland.

The bride is the third daughter of Col. Jay H. Northup, our most prominent businessman.  It is customary to shower words of praise upon brides, oftimes without strict regard for the merit in the case.  But here is an instance in which it is genuine pleasure to write of the graces and good qualities of the bride, for she possesses them in an unusual degree.  To say that she is a general favorite is to give that common term its fullest meaning.  Her amiability and sweet disposition, her kindly interest in all and cheerful greetings for each, have won for her the friendship and admiration of all who know her.  It is safe to predict that in her new home she will win her way to the hearts of all as she has here.  She possesses marked ability as an artist, and it was while pursuing studies in this line in the east that Mr. Harrington met her.

Mr. Harrington is the son of a prominent and wealthy New York railroad man, and he himself is engaged in the same occupation, holding a responsible position on the New York Central system.  He is known as an exemplary young man.

No invitations were issued and only the immediate families and a few friends were present.  The wedding party from New York came in the private car “Idler”.

The young couple left Ashland at 1 o’clock, going to Cincinnati and, after a brief wedding tour, will go to Albany, their future home.

I can’t say exactly what happened between Hermia Louisa Northup and Francis Burchard Harrington, but I cannot find them together at any point after the marriage.  In the 1910 census of Albany, New York, Francis B. is living with his father, Francis A., just the two with a housekeeper and three servants.  I cannot find Hermia in any 1910 census.  In 1920 she is living with an aunt and uncle – T. F. and Pheba E. Wallace, in Lawrence County.  Hermia is listed as ‘widowed’.  In 1930 it is just she and her aunt, and she is listed as divorced.  In 1940 Hermia is still in Lawrence County, her sister Emily, brother-in-law John Turner, and nephew John Turner live with her.

Hermia Louisa Northup died November 24, 1945, in Eastern State Hospital, in Lexington, Kentucky.  ‘Hospital records’ is listed as the informant on the death certificate, with unknown for birthplace and parents’ names and birthplaces.  I find this very sad – was no one with her when she died?  Eastern State Hospital has been a psychiatric hospital since 1817.  I presume the 1-16 length of stay on the above record was days – we know it could not be years.

Now, just so we don’t end on a sorrowful note, I did find in The Big Sandy newspaper that Hermia lived a full life.  There were numerous mentions of her in the columns visiting family members, going on trips, having people to visit, etc.  She never remarried and had no children. 

A List of Marriages – Jessamine County – 1799-1800

A List of Marriages

  • March the 6th day 1799 married James Tockett to Polly Howard
  • March 21st day 1799 married William Drake to Agnes Cunningham
  • April the 9th day 1799 married Joseph Kennedy to Eleanor Sellars
  • April the 11th day 1799 married William Moore to Patsy Boles
  • July the 14th day 1799 married Benjamin Williams to Nancy Williams
  • October the 21st day 1799 married Alexander Wilson to Polly Johnson
  • December 31st day 1799 married Charles Kain to Jane Holm
  • January the 9th day 1800 married Joseph Smith to Peggy Johnson
  • February 13th day 1800 married John Kennedy to Sarah McCoun

George Smith, Minister

Jessamine County Clerk’s Office

Happy Wedding Day – August 27th

Green Cty., KY Felix Grundy married Nancy Rodgers 27 Apr 1797
Green Cty., KY Niel McDonald married Sally Woodard 27 Apr 1799
Fleming Cty., KY James Cochran married Jane McIntire 27 Apr 1800
Fleming Cty., KY James Fitzgerald married Fannie Hughes 27 Apr 1800
Mercer Cty., KY Nathan Rice married Mary Jones 27 Apr 1801
Mercer Cty., KY William Bradshaw married Patsy Ford 27 Apr 1810
Washington Cty., KY Benjamin W. Simmons married Elizabeth Landrum 27 Apr 1816
Washington Cty., KY Joseph Crow married Sarah Humphrey 27 Apr 1817
Washington Cty., KY Jesse Yocum married Elizabeth Farris 27 Apr 1819
Washington Cty., KY William Berryman married Polly Landress 27 Apr 1820
Washington Cty., KY Dabney Tucker married Jane Coppage 27 Apr 1821
Washington Cty., KY William Lanham married Caroline Shehan 27 Apr 1824
Washington Cty., KY James Devers married Lucretia Mullins 27 Apr 1829
Washington Cty., KY Richard Grant married Maria Newton 27 Apr 1829
Washington Cty., KY John Haggard married Elizabeth Pitcher 27 Apr 1830
Washington Cty., KY Samuel Morgeson married Julianne Catlin 27 Apr 1830
Washington Cty., KY Walter Whalen married Susan Jones 27 Apr 1834
Washington Cty., KY James P. Barbour married Frankie H. Bosley 27 Apr 1835
Washington Cty., KY Thomas Curtsinger married Mrs. Sally Hobbs 27 Apr 1835
Washington Cty., KY Charles Hagan married Louisa R. Mudd 27 Apr 1835
Woodford Cty., KY John Bairer married Sarah Rollins 27 Apr 1836
Washington Cty., KY Thomas J. Montgomery married Emily Flournoy 27 Apr 1838
Washington Cty., KY John Morgan married Nancy Royalty 27 Apr 1840
Woodford Cty., KY Preston Bailey married Louisa V. Samuel 27 Apr 1845
Washington Cty., KY Richard Beasley married Rebecca Burns 27 Apr 1847
Washington Cty., KY John Thomas Hayden married Ann Rebecca McAlister 27 Apr 1847
Graves Cty., KY W. D. Kesterson married Hannah Cochran 27 Apr 1852
Marion Cty., KY Francis Railey married Susan Railey 27 Apr 1852
Washington Cty., KY George Goodloe married Janet A. Brown 27 Apr 1869
Washington Cty., KY Edward D. Kelly married Sallie F. Hamilton 27 Apr 1869
Washington Cty., KY Frank Matthews married Arabella Young 27 Apr 1882
Washington Cty., KY William Withrow married Jane Claybrook 27 Apr 1882
Washington Cty., KY Charles F. Hayden married Sallie Polin 27 Apr 1887
Lincoln Cty., KY George Paisley married Elizabeth Harris 27 Aug 1791
Green Cty., KY William T. Carnahan married Fanny Quigley 27 Aug 1795
Green Cty., KY Andrew Kelly married Betsy Clinch Donnan 27 Aug 1795
Mercer Cty., KY Silas Robertson married Sally Carle 27 Aug 1796
Washington Cty., KY John Hardin married Jenny Keeling 27 Aug 1798
Garrard Cty., KY James Smith married Liddy Jeffries 27 Aug 1799
Fleming Cty., KY Benjamin McIntire married Catherine Yeagle 27 Aug 1800
Washington Cty., KY Thomas Cunningham married Elizabeth Miller 27 Aug 1804
Washington Cty., KY Aaron Howey married Priscilla McIntire 27 Aug 1806
Mercer Cty., KY Joseph Thompson married Lucy Scott 27 Aug 1807
Washington Cty., KY Leroy Yowell married Mary Milbourn 27 Aug 1811
Washington Cty., KY Richard Prewitt married Isabella Wright 27 Aug 1816
Washington Cty., KY Allen S. Hously married Jane Adams 27 Aug 1818
Washington Cty., KY William Enis married Sally Wathen 27 Aug 1821
Washington Cty., KY Holmes Swiney married Jemima E. Wright 27 Aug 1821
Washington Cty., KY Lowell Dear married Jane Jackson 27 Aug 1822
Washington Cty., KY James Adams married Pamelia Ann Hill 27 Aug 1827
Washington Cty., KY David Seybold married Delia Gordon 27 Aug 1830
Washington Cty., KY Overton A. Winston married Mary Beall 27 Aug 1832
Washington Cty., KY Jerome Leake married Maria Martin 27 Aug 1833
Washington Cty., KY Fenley Dougherty married Margaret Baker 27 Aug 1836
Washington Cty., KY Patrick A. Hill married Ann Kidwell 27 Aug 1847
Washington Cty., KY Thomas Colvin married Jane League 27 Aug 1849
Washington Cty., KY William E. Elliston married Harriet F. Simms 27 Aug 1849
Washington Cty., KY Richard Elliott married Frances A. Jeffries 27 Aug 1852
Washington Cty., KY Stanton L. Bailey married Lucy Ann Lanham 27 Aug 1857
Anderson Cty., KY B. F. Hayden married Sarah Hammons 27 Aug 1865
Washington Cty., KY N. H. Pope married Eliabeth Isham 27 Aug 1868
Washington Cty., KY George Coulter married Amanda Riley 27 Aug 1878
Washington Cty., KY John Mason married Bettie Grundy 27 Aug 1878
Washington Cty., KY Shelby Vandiver married Sarina Mitchell 27 Aug 1878
Washington Cty., KY W. A. Barker married Elizabeth C. Anderson 27 Aug 1879
Washington Cty., KY Thomas J. Cornish married Sally A. Sharp 27 Aug 1882
Washington Cty., KY Speed T. Ferrell married Artimisia Pinkston 27 Aug 1885
Washington Cty., KY W. S. Purdy married Bettie Avritt 27 Aug 1885
Washington Cty., KY John Bruce married Nannie Moore 27 Aug 1891
Washington Cty., KY W. F. Hughes married Sidney Shewmaker 27 Aug 1891
Marion Cty., KY Walter Roberts married Janie Burton 27 Aug 1901

Marriages, Marriages, Marriages

Washington Cty., KY Elijah Adcock married Jemima Clark 06 Aug 1833
Logan County, KY G. C. Adcock married Martha Jane Still 05 Feb 1840
Logan County, KY J. A. Adcock married M. J. C. Brooks 11 Jun 1856
Logan County,  KY Joseph S. Adcock married Mary Clayton 25 Aug 1857
Washington Cty., KY Thomas Adcock married Ann Hall 14 Jul 1836
Clark Cty., KY Anderson Addison married Lucy Smith 25 Mar 1818
Logan County,  KY J. B. Addison married Amanda Cooper ?? Jun 1851
Logan County,  KY Jonathan Addison married Elizabeth Grigsley 24 Sep 1827
Logan County, KY Martin Addison married Frances Grigsley 23 Mar 1827
Logan County, KY Richard Addison married M. E. Adams 10 Feb 1859
Logan County, KY Shelton Addison married Caty Civils 06 Feb 1837
Logan County, KY William I. Addison married Amanda Sharp 02 Jul 1835
Logan County, KY Cornelius Adkins married Sarah Johnston 20 May 1805
Hancock Cty., KY David M. Adkins married Nancy Standiford 30 Oct 1836
Mercer Cty., KY Hineh Adkins married Sally Ricket 05 Sep 1797
Marion Cty., KY James L. Adkins, widower, married Mary Louise Jackson 11 Aug 1948
Bourbon Cty., KY John Adkins married Elizabeth Stokewell 21 Mar 1789
Logan County, KY L. J. Adkins married Hester E. Poor 10 Sep 1850
Clark Cty., KY Moses Adkins married Polly Wilson 14 Jan 1812
Washington Cty., KY Comadore Adkinson married Mary E. Shirley 11 Apr 1876
Washington Cty., KY Cornelius Adkinson married Mary Hendrin 01 Oct 1872
Washington Cty., KY Jeremiah Adkinson married Letty Emily Lay 31 Dec 1863
Mercer Cty., KY John Adkinson married Betsy Silvey 17 Mar 1810
Washington Cty., KY Thomas C. Adkinson married Elizabeth Barbour 25 Dec 1839
Mercer Cty., KY thomas Agains married Jenny Curry 04 Jun 1804
Bourbon Cty., KY Thomas Agg married Mary Button 02 Apr 1798
Pendleton Cty., KY John Agnew married Mary Cummins 18 Jul 1822
Logan County, KY Hermon Ahranbarg married Mary A. Hutchings 07 Aug 1854
Bourbon Cty., KY Moses Aiken married Isabella Johnson 12 May 1797
Bourbon Cty., KY Adam Ailkire married Margaret Hornbeck 21 Oct 1788
Logan County, KY P. F. Aingel married Caroline Rose 22 Mar 1838
Logan County, KY George P. Aingell married Eliza Gorham 14 Nov 1847
Logan County, KY J. R. Aingell married M. F. Lyne 23 Jan 1863
Logan County, KY Jeremiah Aingell married Phoebe Luckett 07 Oct 1819
Logan County, KY John Aingell married Josephina Edgar 30 Jan 1838
Logan County, KY William Aingell married Ann Beall 10 Mar 1818
Logan County, KY William Aingell married Nancy Furbush 03 Apr 1811
Logan County, KY P. F. Aingle married Ann McCarley 03 Jan 1856
Bourbon Cty., KY George Airlewine married Mary Snapp 13 Feb 1787
Marion Cty., KY Jerry Dean Akers married Mary Ella Glasscock 27 Jun 1971
Logan County, KY John Akes married Catherine Rutherford 21 Feb 1827
Garrard Cty., KY Garland Akin married Nancy Ratton 15 Sep 1800
Woodford Cty., KY Larkin N. Akin married Sallie Harrison 23 Apr 1817
Logan County, KY T. J. Akin married M. E. Campbell 14 Jan 1861
Mercer Cty., KY Daniel Akins married Sarah Day 12 Aug 1805
Mercer Cty., KY Joseph Akins married Martha Eastland 21 Feb 1801
Marion Cty., KY Woodson L. Akins married Mary Sanders 10 Apr 1945
Clark Cty., KY William Alkinson married Betsy Williams 10 Sep 1830
Estill Cty., KY Eli Albam married Louisa Primble 07 Sep 1843
Washington Cty., KY Silas P. Albert married Anna M. Hall 1868
Marion Cty., KY Bernie Albertson married Helen E. Gribbins 14 Mar 1947
Marion Cty., KY Clyde L. Albertson married Lena M. Gribbins 05 Jan 1948
Marion Cty., KY Eddie Albertson married Emma Mason 05 Oct 1911
Marion Cty., KY James W. Albertson married Minnie Mullins 07 Feb 1923
Marion Cty., KY Paul Ewing Albertson married Myrtle Cox 26 Dec 1959
Marion Cty., KY Terry Wayne Albertson married Terry Kaye Hardin 29 Jan 1972
Logan County, KY Allen Alcock married Sarah R. Hambright 22 Oct 1814
Woodford Cty., KY Henry Alcorn married Frances Payne 01 May 1821
Estill Cty., KY James Alcorn married Nancy Tudor 27 Jun 1833
Bourbon Cty., KY John Alcorn married Rachel Eubanks 24 Apr 1799
Estill Cty., KY Madison Alcorn married Sarah L. Sharp 26 Jul 1849
Garrard Cty., KY Thomas Alcorn married Caty Montgomery 08 Jul 1799
Logan County, KY Benjamin Alderson married Mary Ann McCarty 21 Nov 1848
Logan County, KY James Alderson married Emily Hall 30 Dec 1833