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Marriages, Marriages, Marriages

Washington Cty., KY Elijah Adcock married Jemima Clark 06 Aug 1833
Logan County, KY G. C. Adcock married Martha Jane Still 05 Feb 1840
Logan County, KY J. A. Adcock married M. J. C. Brooks 11 Jun 1856
Logan County,  KY Joseph S. Adcock married Mary Clayton 25 Aug 1857
Washington Cty., KY Thomas Adcock married Ann Hall 14 Jul 1836
Clark Cty., KY Anderson Addison married Lucy Smith 25 Mar 1818
Logan County,  KY J. B. Addison married Amanda Cooper ?? Jun 1851
Logan County,  KY Jonathan Addison married Elizabeth Grigsley 24 Sep 1827
Logan County, KY Martin Addison married Frances Grigsley 23 Mar 1827
Logan County, KY Richard Addison married M. E. Adams 10 Feb 1859
Logan County, KY Shelton Addison married Caty Civils 06 Feb 1837
Logan County, KY William I. Addison married Amanda Sharp 02 Jul 1835
Logan County, KY Cornelius Adkins married Sarah Johnston 20 May 1805
Hancock Cty., KY David M. Adkins married Nancy Standiford 30 Oct 1836
Mercer Cty., KY Hineh Adkins married Sally Ricket 05 Sep 1797
Marion Cty., KY James L. Adkins, widower, married Mary Louise Jackson 11 Aug 1948
Bourbon Cty., KY John Adkins married Elizabeth Stokewell 21 Mar 1789
Logan County, KY L. J. Adkins married Hester E. Poor 10 Sep 1850
Clark Cty., KY Moses Adkins married Polly Wilson 14 Jan 1812
Washington Cty., KY Comadore Adkinson married Mary E. Shirley 11 Apr 1876
Washington Cty., KY Cornelius Adkinson married Mary Hendrin 01 Oct 1872
Washington Cty., KY Jeremiah Adkinson married Letty Emily Lay 31 Dec 1863
Mercer Cty., KY John Adkinson married Betsy Silvey 17 Mar 1810
Washington Cty., KY Thomas C. Adkinson married Elizabeth Barbour 25 Dec 1839
Mercer Cty., KY thomas Agains married Jenny Curry 04 Jun 1804
Bourbon Cty., KY Thomas Agg married Mary Button 02 Apr 1798
Pendleton Cty., KY John Agnew married Mary Cummins 18 Jul 1822
Logan County, KY Hermon Ahranbarg married Mary A. Hutchings 07 Aug 1854
Bourbon Cty., KY Moses Aiken married Isabella Johnson 12 May 1797
Bourbon Cty., KY Adam Ailkire married Margaret Hornbeck 21 Oct 1788
Logan County, KY P. F. Aingel married Caroline Rose 22 Mar 1838
Logan County, KY George P. Aingell married Eliza Gorham 14 Nov 1847
Logan County, KY J. R. Aingell married M. F. Lyne 23 Jan 1863
Logan County, KY Jeremiah Aingell married Phoebe Luckett 07 Oct 1819
Logan County, KY John Aingell married Josephina Edgar 30 Jan 1838
Logan County, KY William Aingell married Ann Beall 10 Mar 1818
Logan County, KY William Aingell married Nancy Furbush 03 Apr 1811
Logan County, KY P. F. Aingle married Ann McCarley 03 Jan 1856
Bourbon Cty., KY George Airlewine married Mary Snapp 13 Feb 1787
Marion Cty., KY Jerry Dean Akers married Mary Ella Glasscock 27 Jun 1971
Logan County, KY John Akes married Catherine Rutherford 21 Feb 1827
Garrard Cty., KY Garland Akin married Nancy Ratton 15 Sep 1800
Woodford Cty., KY Larkin N. Akin married Sallie Harrison 23 Apr 1817
Logan County, KY T. J. Akin married M. E. Campbell 14 Jan 1861
Mercer Cty., KY Daniel Akins married Sarah Day 12 Aug 1805
Mercer Cty., KY Joseph Akins married Martha Eastland 21 Feb 1801
Marion Cty., KY Woodson L. Akins married Mary Sanders 10 Apr 1945
Clark Cty., KY William Alkinson married Betsy Williams 10 Sep 1830
Estill Cty., KY Eli Albam married Louisa Primble 07 Sep 1843
Washington Cty., KY Silas P. Albert married Anna M. Hall 1868
Marion Cty., KY Bernie Albertson married Helen E. Gribbins 14 Mar 1947
Marion Cty., KY Clyde L. Albertson married Lena M. Gribbins 05 Jan 1948
Marion Cty., KY Eddie Albertson married Emma Mason 05 Oct 1911
Marion Cty., KY James W. Albertson married Minnie Mullins 07 Feb 1923
Marion Cty., KY Paul Ewing Albertson married Myrtle Cox 26 Dec 1959
Marion Cty., KY Terry Wayne Albertson married Terry Kaye Hardin 29 Jan 1972
Logan County, KY Allen Alcock married Sarah R. Hambright 22 Oct 1814
Woodford Cty., KY Henry Alcorn married Frances Payne 01 May 1821
Estill Cty., KY James Alcorn married Nancy Tudor 27 Jun 1833
Bourbon Cty., KY John Alcorn married Rachel Eubanks 24 Apr 1799
Estill Cty., KY Madison Alcorn married Sarah L. Sharp 26 Jul 1849
Garrard Cty., KY Thomas Alcorn married Caty Montgomery 08 Jul 1799
Logan County, KY Benjamin Alderson married Mary Ann McCarty 21 Nov 1848
Logan County, KY James Alderson married Emily Hall 30 Dec 1833

A Few 1874 Marriages of Bell County

1874 Bell County Marriages

Resided in, born in Bell County; first marriage – unless otherwise noted.

  • February 29, 1874 – Leander Johnson, age not given, farmer, married Mary Denny, of Bell County, age 18, mother born in Lee County.
  • January 3, 1874 – James D. Mason, age 19, farmer, married Nancy J. Partin, age 18, mother born in Tennessee.
  • January 22, 1874 – Moses Lake, age 21, farmer, parents born in Tennessee, married Mary Jones, age 27, she and parents born in Harlan County.
  • December 3, 1874 – Emilie Stout, age 19, living and born in Lee County, Virginia, farmer, married Amanda Miracle, age23, mother born in North Carolina.
  • March 26, 1874 – Daniel Wilder, age 19, farmer, mother born in Harlan County, married Nancy Miracle, age 19, mother born in North Carolina.
  • January 15, 1874 – Green B. Turner, age 22, farmer, married Nancy G. Partin, age 25.
  • June 2, 1874 – Ewell Humbree, living in Knox County, age 18, farmer, married Florence Ingram, age 21.
  • March 1874 – Wiley Janes, age 18, farmer, married Caroline Davis, age 16, mother born in Tennessee.
  • December 20, 1874 – William H. Partin, age 19, farmer, married Sidney Fuson, age 19.
  • June 19, 1874 – James Green, age 18, living in Lincoln County, farmer, married Ann L. Bull, age 26, father born in Tennessee, mother born in Harlan County.
  • December 3, 1874 – Jefferson Hendrickson, age 21, farmer, married Elizabeth J. Bull, age 21, father born in Tennessee, mother born in Harlan County.
  • October 18, 1874 – Andrew J. Bailey, no age given, living in Harlan County, clerk for merchant, married Catherine Ward, age 24.
  • July 25, 1874 – William Webb, age 53, second marriage, farmer, he and parents born in Tennessee, married Lucinda Gibson, age 28.
  • February 22, 1874 – John Evans, age 21, farmer, married Nancy Webb, age 21, father born in Tennessee, mother born in Harlan County.
  • November 26, 1874 – Shelton Evans, age 19, farmer, married Mary Fuson, age 20, father born in Tennessee, mother born in Lee County, Virginia.
  • October 18, 1874 – William L. Fuson, age 25, second marriage, farmer, father born in Tennessee, married Charity A. M. Smith, age 21, father born in Clay County, mother born in Tennessee.

Mercer County 1830 Marriages by Thomas Cleland

The Rev. Thomas Cleland became pastor of New Providence Presbyterian Church in 1813.  Many of the names in the list are probably parishioners – McAfee, Armstrong, Cardwell, Forsythe, Cozine and others.  He also preached at Cane Run Church and the Old Mud Meeting House, which was the Dutch Reformed Church.  Rev. Clelland was also a teacher and conducted a classical school for young men in his home, teaching Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Homilectics.  He continued as minister of New Providence until his death, at age 80, in 1858.

List of Marriages for 1830 viz.

Shelton Ransdal and Elizabeth Cozine – January 14th

William Chambers and Elizabeth Nourse – January 27th

William McMurtry and Sarah Maria VanAnglen – February 11th

Rice McAfee and Ann Maria Armstrong – February 24th

John C. Cozine and Martha Light – February 25th

Jacob Crow and Mary Crawford – March 1st

William Woods and Jane D. Cardwell – March 11th

James Woods and Priscilla Armstrong – March 25th

Buchner Miller and Comfort D. Worthington – April 13th

Thomas Reed and Elizabeth Parish – April 20th

Stephen Jones and Mary Ann Barkley – April 29th

John Kirkpatrick and Ann Smythey – Mary 14th

Aaron James and Mahala Starnes – June 23rd

Jesse Hale and Mary Stagg – July 22nd

Joseph Chamberlain and Cynthia B. Roberts – August 5th

John Kemper and Frances A. Doggett – August 11th

John Cardwell and Margaret Ransdal – September 2nd

Harvey T. Ray and Eliza A. W. Cozine – September 21st

Charles M. Cunningham and Hannah Magoffin – September 21st

William H. Adair and Elizabeth Cromwell – September 28th

Willis Burford and Julia Forsythe – October 21st

Joseph McAfee and Priscilla Ann Armstrong – October 26th

Andrew Forsythe and Narcissa W. McAfee – October 29th

Harvey Cunningham and Rebekah Cardwell – December 2nd

Samuel Kennedy and Susan Jordan – December 16th

Greenbury D. Murphy and Susan Boyce – December 16th


To the Clerk of Mercer County

I do certify that the above contains an accurate list of all the marriages with the dates annexed that I have celebrated within the last year, agreeable to authority from your office.

                                                       Thomas Cleland

January 1st 1831

July 1st – Happy Wedding Day!!!!!

My niece, Sharon Peterson, marries this afternoon – a modern addition to the list below!

Harrison Cty., KY Jacob Boyers married Polly Lemmon 01 Jul 1795
Mercer Cty., KY Elijah Radford married Nancy Wright 01 Jul 1795
Green Cty., KY James Gibson married Katherine Beats 01 Jul 1796
Washington Cty., KY Samuel Lee Martin married Polly Darnell 01 Jul 1797
Mercer Cty., KY Isaac Alspaugh married Jenny Cosby 01 Jul 1800
Henry Cty., KY Reuben McEndre married Elizabeth Sullinger 01 Jul 1800
Fleming Cty., KY Elijah Reeves, Jr., married Nancy Blemmer 01 Jul 1800
Garrard Cty., KY Jesse Thompson married Agnes Randels 01 Jul 1800
Washington Cty., KY Jonathan Milburn married Sally Casey 01 Jul 1813
Washington Cty., KY Robert Reed married Martha Salley 01 Jul 1813
Washington Cty., KY Lawrence W. Floyd married Nancy Rinehart 01 Jul 1816
Washington Cty., KY Benjamin Wheatley married Mary Ann Lanham 01 Jul 1820
Woodford Cty., KY William A. Adams married Elizabeth Searce 01 Jul 1836
Washington Cty., KY Francis H. Simms married Matilda Edelen 01 Jul 1845
Washington Cty., KY Madison Marshall married Martha A. Keeling 01 Jul 1850
Graves Cty., KY J. B. McNabb married Mary El. Overby 01 Jul 1852
Marion Cty., KY William Vaughn married Susan May Daugherty 01 Jul 1852
Garrard Cty., KY John B. Alverson married Margaret Champ 01 Jul 1856
Washington Cty., KY Horace S. Litsey married Lydia Ann Montgomery 01 Jul 1862
Washington Cty., KY Harrison Shewmaker married Elizabeth Crook 01 Jul 1866
Washington Cty., KY George Giddings married Savanah McElroy 01 Jul 1873
Washington Cty., KY James L. Shirley married Mahala Taylor 01 Jul 1879
Washington Cty., KY John Warren married Martha Breeding 01 Jul 1879
Washington Cty., KY Preston Cooksey married Martha Jane Litteral 01 Jul 1882

Houchin Family Buried at Mt. Hebron Methodist Cemetery in Anderson County

After a week of almost continuous rain, Ritchey and I visited Mt. Hebron Methodist Cemetery in Anderson County – just over the line from Mercer.  It was a glorious day, complete with blue skies and puffy white clouds – and not too warm.

The first photos I took were of gravestones for the Houchin family, so it seemed natural to use them for this post.

William Houchin, born April 25, 1815, died March 23, 1893.  Mt. Hebron Methodist Cemetery, Anderson County, Kentucky.

William Houchin seems to be the patriarch of this family.  He and wife Mary Barnes were married September 12, 1844, according to Anderson County marriage records.  In the 1850 Census, after six years of marriage, William is listed as 35, a farmer; Mary is 34; son Allen Newberry is 5; and daughter Louisy Ann is 1.  A John Houchin lives with them, probably a brother to William.  In 1860 William is 45, born in Virginia, with a real estate value of 6,000 and personal estate of 1,000.  Mary is 41, Allen is 14, Louisa is 12, and there is an additional daughter, Missouria Helen Houchin, who is 7.

Missouria H., daughter of W. and Mary Houchen, born August 25, 1853, died April 10, 1882.

Mary, wife of W. Houchin, born October 24, 1815, died February 25, 1879.

Perlia A. Houchin must have been a granddaughter – she is buried between Mary and daughter Missouria.

Perlia A. Houchin, born August 5, 1873, died June 6, 1907.

Again going to the marriage records for Anderson County, I found a Harvey D. Williams, 22, residence Anderson County, parents born in Garrard County, who married Lucy Ann Houchin, 18, born and resides in Anderson County, father born in Virginia, and mother born in Anderson County, February 7, 1867, at William Houchin’s, surety William Houchin.  This is very likely daughter Louisy Ann in the census records with William and Mary Houchin.

A. N. Houchin, July 25, 1845 – April 7, 1918

Allen Newberry Houchin, 25, residence Anderson County, father born Virginia and mother born Kentucky, married Ophelia Price, 18, residence Anderson County, parents born in Garrard County, November 12, 1872, at Samuel Price.  Surety Samuel Price.

When Allen died in 1918 he was listed as a widower.  His death certificate giving his parents names as above and Mt. Hebron Methodist Cemetery as place of burial.  He was found dead on the floor of his room.

With a bit more searching I found the 1880 Census with Allen listed as 34, Ophelia, 24, Pearl, 7, (the Perlia buried beside her grandmother and aunt), Ernest T, 4, and Ira C., 1.  Unfortunately Ophelia died March 2, 1882, two years after the 1880 census.  In 1900 all three children are living with their widower father.  Ernest has married Laura Coke, but they had no children at that point.

Another family with their lives wrapped into a short post.  Just a synopsis gives the most basic pieces of their lives, I’m sure there were many joys and sorrows we cannot understand with this small amount of information.  But let us glory in what we do know about this Houchin family!

Mumony-Linn 1783 Lincoln County Marriage

Know all men by these presents that we, William Mumony and Thomas Denton, are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency, Thomas Harrison, Esq., Governor of Virginia, in the sum of fifty pounds current money, to the payment whereof to be made to the said Governor and his successors, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this 10th day of September 1783.

The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended to be solemnized between the above bound William Mumony and Susannah Linn, for which a license has issued.  Now, if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the said intended marriage then the obligation to be void, or else to remain in full force.

William Momoney, Thomas Denton

Sealed and Delivered in presence of Willis Green

This is to certify to all people it may concern, that I, Hannah Welch, does give William Momoney my consent to obtain a license according to law to marry my daughter, Susannah Linn, September the tenth one thousand seven hundred eighty three.  Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of Thomas Denton and Sarah Denton

Hannah Welch

Cokendolpher – Smither 1874 Marriage

In the Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky, Baylor, is the description of the Civil War service of James Cokendolpher – ‘James Cokendolpher, born Chaplin, Kentucky, 1845; enlisted at Munfordsville, October, 1862, in the Old Squadron, Co. B., 2d Ky. Cavalry, C.S.A., and served under General John H. Morgan.  Was captured at the time Morgan made his famous raid across the Ohio into Indiana and Ohio and was imprisoned for nearly two years at Camp Douglass.  Exchanged early in 1865 and rejoined the army in the south.  Surrendered at Christianbury, Virginia.  John H. Purdy said he was with Cokendolpher all the time.’

The Commonwealth of Kentucky.  To any Minister of the gospel, or other person legally authorized to solemnize Matrimony:  You are permitted to solemnize the Rites of Matrimony between James Cokendolpher and Miss Amanda J. Smither, the requirements of the law having been complied with.

Witness my signature as Clerk of Nelson County Court, this 28 day of January 1874.  J. D. Elliott, Clerk, by R. H. Rowland, Deputy Clerk.

This is to Certify that on the 29 day of January, 1874, the Rites of Marriage were legally solemnized by me between James Cokendolpher and Miss Amanda J. Smither at the residence of her father in the County of Nelson in the presence of G. S. Rose, Dr. F. C. Marshall and many others.  Signed Henry A. Renbolt.

Nelson County, Kentucky, Marriages