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Early Mercer County Marriages by William Bottom

Mercer County marriages from November 23, 1814 to October 12, 1815

  • November 23rd, 1814, I joined together in the holy estate of matrimony John Bruce and Barthenia Casey.
  • December 8th, 1814, I joined together in the holy estate of matrimony Joseph Files and Patsey Martin.
  • December 8th, 1814, I joined together in the holy estate of matrimony Thomas Bottom and Nancy Thompson.
  • May 23rd, 1815, I joined together in the holy estate of matrimony Elijah Moore and Lydia Hendrixson.
  • June 23rd, 1815, I joined together in the holy estate of matrimony Aaron Hendrixson and Polly Moore.
  • July 4th, 1815, I joined together in the holy estate of matrimony Berryman Harreld and Polly Parr.
  • July 20th, 1815, I joined together in the holy estate of matrimony Austin Moore and Patsey Goldman.
  • September 1st, 1815, I joined together in the holy estate of matrimony David Casey and Elizabeth Whoberry.

By me, William Bottom

Thomas Allin, County Clerk

Washington County Marriages

Washington County Marriages

Alexander Bird married Susan Ann Chesser 21 Jan 1877
Franklin Bird married Mary Elizabeth Cook 30 Jan 1845
Jesse Bird married Leodocia Ray 28 Feb 1828
John Bird married Permelia Hardin 25 Jan 1840
John W. Bird married Nancy Bennett 25 Aug 1823
John W. Bird married Susan J. Hood 24 Dec 1872
Joshua Bird married Alice Richardson 23 Oct 1878
Joshua Bird married Elizabeth Keeling Nov 1837
Thomas Bird married Rhoda Jane Bird 25 Oct 1864
D. T. Bishop married Mrs. Amanda Royalty 21 Aug 1881
Daniel Bishop married Rebecca Ann Neal 21 Aug 1862
Daniel P. Bishop married Sarah B. Cheatham 05 Feb 1860
Douglas Bishop married Mary Hale 27 Jan 1881
Franklin Bishop married Cynthia S. Cammack 23 Sep 1839
George Bishop married Cora Lewis 20 Sep 1888
James R. Bishop married Sarah B. Richardson 24 Mar 1887
John C. Bishop married Amanda Sappington 05 Nov 1854
John C. Bishop married Martha A. Hardesty 15 Jan 1882
John C. Bishop married Mary Ann Bond 19 Aug 1850
Kenchlow Bishop married Susan Seay 01 Mar 1881
Michael Bishop married Louisa French 29 Mar 1830
Shem H. Bishop married Maude E. Bonta 25 Nov 1891
Solomon B. Bishop married Mary M. Keeling 26 Dec 1850
Taylor Bishop married Nancy P. Scott 17 Feb 1851
William Bishop married Jennie Mitchell 01 Jan 1888
William H. Bishop married Amanda Bell Curtsinger 08 Feb 1883
William Z. Bishop married Maria Jane Curtsinger 25 Oct 1853
James T. Black married Mary C. McMillen 15 Nov 1860
Neil Black married Mary Beauchamp 16 Jan 1834
Thomas B. Black married Lucinda Ferrell 05 Nov 1861
J. S. Blackerby married Maggie L. Sutton 16 Jan 1890
Jeremiah Blackerby married Elizabeth Wilson 12 Mar 1850
A. C. Blacketer married Lucinda Coyle 19 Jul 1874
A. C. Blacketer married Martha J. Martin 22 Feb 1866
Allin S. Blacketer married Annie Colvin 10 Dec 1871
David H. Blacketer married Mary C. Lawson 16 Mar 1865
George H. Blacketer married Martha Jane Ferrell 10 Oct 1871
William R. Blacketer married Mary F. Wilson 09 Jan 1876
Joseph Blacklock married Mary Ann Mudd 02 Nov 1807
James B. Blackston married Nancy V. Pirtle 22 Oct 1828
William Blackwell married Sarah E. Sandusky 13 May 1830

1866 Wedding of George T. Hord and Miss Jane Steele

The Louisville Daily Courier, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Tuesday, December 25, 1866

A Diamond Wedding in Woodford

The quiet of our happy village was dispelled on the evening of the 19th by the hurrying to and fro of carriages, hacks and every conceivable kind of vehicle, and greeting the ear of every passer-by was the cheerful inquiry, ‘Shall we meet you at the wedding tonight?’  Mr. George T. Hord, a most elegant and highly cultivated banker, of the firm of Hord and George, and Miss Jane Steele, one of Kentucky’s rarest and most beautiful fair ones, were married by Mr. Venable, our most worthy and greatly beloved Episcopal minister.  The wedding was regal, the scene attendant upon it truly imposing, the beautiful church was brilliantly lighted, and strains of soul-searching music welcomed many distinguished and magnificently dressed guests.

On they came until every seat and aisle were crowded, and after merry greetings, they waited in breathless anxiety the coming of the happy pair.  Intense the excitement grew, until, at last, to the tune of a grand march, entered first the graceful bride and groom, accompanied by ten beautiful attendants, led to the altar by so many gallant cavaliers, magnificently attired.  The bride, as blushing as a May-day rose, was half concealed ‘neath the mazes of a costly and long flowing veil, her dress of the most gorgeous rep silk, handsomely decorated with point lace, and hung in massive folds superbly around her matchless form.  The diamonds sparkling from her queen-like neck and fairy ilugers, made a most brilliant display of a handsome bridal gift of her generous husband.  Her presents were many and mostly of silver.  The groom, the very essence of gallantry and elegance, wore a few gems of the purest water, but rarer far than all, there seemed to be enshrined within his bosom a heart all wreathed with rare and tender buds of love and joy.  So soon as the beautiful ceremony was performed the bridal party were followed by the happy guests to the residence of the bride’s father, Judge William Steele, whose courtesy, coupled with that of his estimable lady, could not have been excelled.  The supper gotten up in good taste, with almost unlimited labor and cost was indeed sumptuous.

The evening passed delightfully, and to the music of Saxton’s band through the mazes of the merry dance we glided until the wee hours of the night, when, with light hearts, we repaired homeward to invoke a prayer for the loving pair, and to mingle with our dreams thoughts of the grand entertainment of the evening.

Versailles, Dec. 20th

According to the census records George and Jane Steele Hord did not have children.  In 1900 they had been married for 35 years.  George was born in Virginia and Jane in Alabama.  George died January 16, 1901, of pneumonia.  According to Jane’s death certificate, she died July 31, 1918.  Her parents are listed as W. J. Steele, born in Kentucky, and Mary D. Winston, born in Alabama.  Jane was born February 14, 1839.

1805-1807 Marriages in Nicholas County

  • George Sparks married Rachel McClenehan, by John Parsons, 18th April 1805
  • Henry Mann married Rachel Jones, by John Barnett, 14th March 1805
  • Elijah Dazey married Milley M. Barkett, by Tull, 20th December 1804
  • Samuel Earlick married Delilah Burdin, by John Barnett, 12th September 1805
  • Solomon Ritchey married Rachel Danz, by John Barnett, 8th September 1805
  • Archibald McMinch married Elizabeth Arnold, by John Barnett, 1st August 1805
  • George Harrison married Prudence Gamble, by John Barnett, 25th November 1805
  • Frederick Potts married Elizabeth Oliver, by John Barnett, 26th September 1805
  • William Hamilton married Mary McIntire, by John Barnett, 6th March 1806
  • James Ellis married Fanny Doughty, by John Barnett, 20th March 1806
  • David Bagby married Lucy Collier, by Anderson, 30th August 1806
  • David Myers married Frances Foster, by John Parsons, 19th June 1806
  • Robert Ewing married Nancy Metcalfe, by Richard Tilton, 1st May 1806
  • Overton Cosby married Susannah Hyser, by Richard Tilton, 17th June 1806
  • Henry Howard married Jane Saunderson, by George Ashin, 12th January 1806
  • Thomas Guppin married Arcady Thomson, by John Barnett, 24th July 1806
  • William Wheeler married Margaret Rolston, by John Barnett, 29th July 1806
  • Hugh Smith married Mary Wilson, by John Barnett, 4th September 1806
  • William Fuller married Mary Wilson, by John Barnett, 4th September 1806
  • Henry Hastings married Ann Patchel, by George Tarvin, 4th August 1806
  • Robert Kennady married Rebecca Carnahan, by George Tarvin, 15th September 1806
  • Robert H. Kunbrough married Sally Baskell, by John Barnett, 14th April 1807
  • George W. Murphy married Sally Dean, by John Barnett, 2nd April 1807
  • Stephen Peyton married Nancy Doughty, by John Barnett, 16th April 1807
  • Aaron Carnahan married Elvira Mitchell, by Bartholomew W. Stone, 18th December 1806
  • James Carson married Isabella Mathers, by Bartholomew W. Stone, 22nd January 1807
  • Tolliver Hughes married Susannah Gamble, by John Parsons, 17th May 1807
  • David Gamble to Polly Sloop, by John Parsons, 1st January 1807
  • John Irvin married Sarah Ishmael, by John Parsons, 14th May 1807

Patterson – Vanarsdall Marriage License and Certificate

This may also be of interest to those researching the Rose family.

Marriage License

The Commonwealth of Kentucky, To any Minister of the Gospel, or other Person legally authorized to solemnize Matrimony.

You are permitted to solemnize the Rites of Matrimony between Garret W. Patterson and Cynthia E. Vanarsdall, the requirements of the law having been complied with.

Witness my signature as Clerk of Mercer County Court, this 1st day of January 1866. C. R. Allin, Clerk

Marriage Certificate

This is to Certify, that on the second day of January 1866, the Rites of Marriage were legally solemnized by me, between Garret W. Patterson and Cynthia E. Vanarsdall, at Henry Vanarsdall’s, in the County of Mercer in the presence of Smith Rose and John Rose.

Signed, L. Marrett

Nicholas County Marriages

Nicholas County Marriages


  • Robert Stephenson married Martha McAnully, by John P. Campbell, on April 6, 1802.
  • John McNide married Susannah Barnett, by John Barnett, December 15, 1803.
  • John Swinny married Priscilla Potts, by Bartholomew W. Stone, November 24, 1803.
  • Sampson Archer married Polly Kineart, by Bartholomew W. Stone, December 22, 1803.
  • James Collins married Mary McDowell, by John Barnett, September 29, 1803
  • John Benson married Sally Musich, by John Barnett, November 3, 1803.
  • Peter Ireland married Ann Allen, by Bartholomew W. Stone, September 28, 1804
  • Robert McCune married Phoebe Ray, by Bartholomew W. Stone, December 27, 1804
  • Gaven Mathers married Peggy McCune, by Bartholomew W. Stone, February 21, 1805.
  • John Scott  married Elizabeth Caldwell, by Bartholomew W. Stone, July 4, 1805.
  • Aaron Wiggins married Elizaeth Inard, by Caleb J. Taylor, September 23, 1804.
  • Alexander Allerson married Elizabeth Taylor, by Caleb J. Taylor, June 2, 1805.
  • John Ellis married Lucrece Wells, by Caleb J. Taylor, June 20, 1805.
  • Thomas Harney married Mary Grosvenor, by John Barnett, December 19, 1804.
  • Andrew Burns married Hannah Adams, by John Persons, September 20, 1804.
  • James Ishmael married Mary McFerrin, by John Person, June 21, 1804
  • Parker Brown married Sarah Bell, by John Barnett, January 17, 1805.
  • William Landers married Rebecca Plugh, by John Persons, January 5, 1804
  • George Eidson married Mary Lilly, by John Barnett, October 11, 1804.
  • Abraham Dorlan married Sally Brown, by John Barnett, November 29, 1804.
  • Thomas Davis married Elizabeth Grosvenor, by John Barnett, July 5, 1804.
  • Samuel Long married Susannah Barlow, by John Barnett, March 15, 1804.
  • Jacob Fight married Peggy Cotrill, by John Barnett, June 6, 1805.

Weddings in the December 6, 1895 Issue of The Hopkinsville Kentuckian

The Hopkinsville Kentuckian, Christian County, Kentucky

Friday, December 6, 1895


Campbell-Leonard – Mr. J. Wheeler Campbell, of Paducah, son of Judge James Campbell, and Miss Mary Leonard, of Eddyville, the charming daughter of Col. S. N. Leonard, were united in marriage at the residence of the bride’s father at Eddyville, Wednesday evening.  The ushers were Messrs. Given Campbell, of St. Louis, Robb Noble and Tom Leonard, of Eddyville.  Vincent Nigro’s Italian band furnished music of the occasion, and at midnight the couple took the train for the east.  They will be at home to their friends in Paducah after December 14th.

Claggett-Settle – Mr. Ward Claggett and Miss Carrie Settle were married at the home of the bride, in Clarksville, Wednesday evening, Rev. A. M. Growden officiating.  The young couple took the train at once for their home in this county, arriving on the 8:50 accommodation.  Mr. Claggett is a prominent and highly esteemed young farmer, near this city.  The bride is a lovable and attractive young land, and the groom is to be congratulated upon his good fortune in winning her.

Jones-Sivley – Mr. A. A. Jones, of Owensboro, and Miss Sallie E. Sivley, of this city, were married at the Methodist church Wednesday afternoon, by Rev. H. C. Settle.  They left the same evening for their home in Owensboro.  Mr. Jones is a well-known furniture dealer of that city.  The bride is a daughter of Mr. George Sivley and is a handsome brunette of unusual attractiveness.

Taylor-Miller – J. M. Taylor and Miss Leona Miller, of Elkton, were married at the Northington House Clarksville, Wednesday, Squire Zopher Smith officiating.  J. A. Taylor and Miss Lennie Edward, R. L. Morris and Miss Mary Thompson, all of Elkton, were the attendants.

Turner-Wilson – Mr. George Turner and Miss Lula Wilson, both of the Cerulean neighborhood, were married in this city Tuesday by Judge Breathitt.

Johnson-Trotter – Mr. W. W. Johnson and Miss Rodler Trotter, both of North Christian, were married at the home of the bride’s parents Wednesday afternoon.

Rudolph-Moss – W. S. Rudolph and Miss Maud Moss, of Jordan Springs, were united in marriage December 1, at 3 o’clock, by Rev. J. R. Rice at the residence of Mr. Shanklin, in Clarksville.