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Today In Genealogy History – November 2, 2011

Harriett O’Bryan and Francis L. Carrico were married 193 years ago – November 2, 1818 – in Nelson County, Kentucky.  Francis was the son of James T. Carrico, Jr., and Joanna Keith, of Charles County, Maryland.  I have no information about children for Harriett and Francis.

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  1. Do you know if James T. Carrico, Jr. and Joanna Keith had a daughter named Annastatia who eventually married Enoch Yates? Enoch is my ancestor and I’m trying to find out more about his wife and her ancestors. Any information would be very appreciated! Thanks!

    • I do know they had a daughter named Annastatia, born April 10, 1806, in Maryland – most likely Charles County. She died February 8, 1890 – but I have no information about marriage. The Carrico’s moved to Washington County, Kentucky around 1800, perhaps a few years before. Okay, so I checked my records on Washington County marriages and found something interesting! I looked for Enoch Yates – he married Mary Jarboe, widow, October 30, 1816. There is also an Enoch Yates that married Ann Statia Miles on October 6, 1829 – but the bondsman was James Carrico! I looked for a Miles marriage and found Edward Miles married Ann Statia Waters on September 11, 1824. So I looked for a Waters marriage and found Theodore D. Waters married Ann B. Carrico March 29, 1818 – and the other named listed was Joanna Carrico – Annastatia’s mother! Do you think she had a string of bad luck with husbands dying early until she married Enoch? I hope this helps!

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