Family Stories

Joseph Carrico, Obituary

The Springfield Sun, Washington County, Kentucky

Wednesday, May 26, 1909

Mr. Joseph Carrico, a well known citizen of this county, died at his home a few miles from Springfield, this morning at one o’clock.  Mr. Carrico had been a sufferer from paralysis and his death was not unexpected.

Mr. Carrico was 60 years of age and was the son of the late William J. Carrico who was one of the wealthiest men of the county.  Mr. Carrico married Miss Bell Johnson, who, with one son, Mr. Damon Carrico, survives the deceased.  The funeral services will be held at St. Rose tomorrow.

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  1. Joseph Carrico b. 1849 d 1909 was the son of William J. Carrico.1820-1897 Was his mother Jane O’Daniel b 1821 death unknown? Thanks in advance.

    • Dottie, William Carrico married Jane O’Daniel 18 Oct 1842. When I check the baptismal records for St. Rose there is a William M. Carrico and Mary Jane O’Daniel, there are only three children listed – Mary Hallie born in 1843, Mary Elizabeth born in 1845 and James Anderson born in 1856. There are a lot of years between 1845 and 1856 – could they have moved to another parish during that time? Census records – 1850 – no William listed. 1860 – Aha! There they are – William M. (and this is correct – he’s always listed with this initial) 39, Mary J. 37, Mary E. 15, Francis 13, Joseph 11, Susan 7 and Anderson 4. Perhaps they lived in Marion County for awhile – lots of O’Daniels there!

  2. Thanks Phyllis for your update on Joseph Carrico and his family. Yes, I noticed that I also have his father as William M. Carrico 1830-1897 instead of William J. so I wanted to be sure that I had the correct family since you had his name William J. I see that I have William M. also married to Mary Jane O’Daniel Thanks. Now I can add the “rest of the story” to their family.
    Dottie Porter Himes

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