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Today In Genealogy History – November 5, 2011

Stith Thompson was born 206 years ago – November 5, 1805 – the son of John Thompson and Sarah Shipley Mitchell.  Stith married Catherine McIlvoy in Washington County, Kentucky, in 1835.  They had 8 children:  Alexander, William Robert, John M., Sarah Jane, Magdalene Alice, Rosaline, Daniel McIlvoy and a stillborn daughter.

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  1. I am related to the Thompsons buried in Pleasant Grove. My brother (John Thompson) and I visited Pleasant Grove a few years ago and I want to visit again. As a teenager living in Louisville I was given The Shipley/Mitchell/Thompson genealogy compiled by Stith Thompson
    who had been a professor at Indiana University. I love genealogy and knowing of my Kentucky roots. I wish I had family pictures. According to this genealogy my Great, Great, Great Grandparents were John Thompson and Sarah Shipley Mitchell. I’ve always known of the relation to the Berrys and Nancy Hanks! Any info would be wonderful!

  2. In reviewing the genealogy given to me many years ago I see that Stith Thompson married Catherine McIIvoy. In going to the Stith section of this genealogy “The Stith Family in Virginia” I found this info: ” Major John Stith came from England to Virginia before 1656. He owned much land in Charles City County. He was closely connected with the other plantation owners along the north side of the James River. A daughter of his married Thomas Hardaway and there were also two sons, Captain John Stith and Lt. Col. Drury Stith. All the Stiths in Virginia descend from these two.” I do have a first cousin with the first name Stith!!!!

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