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Births – Kentucky Vital Statistics – Washington County

from Kentucky Vital Statistics, Washington County, Kentucky, Marriages – Births – Deaths 1852-1860

Call, John B., male, born 09 Jun 1855 to John Call and Esceneth Clark.

Calvert, Henry, male, born 04 Feb 1857 to Robert Calvert and Susan Webster.

Calvert, William, male, stillborn 18 Jan 1855 to Robert A. Calvert and Susan M. Webster.

Cambron, Berry C., male, born 08 Jun 1857 to P. H. Cambron and Matilda Fields.

Cambron, Mary M., female, born 17 Mar 1860 at Station Run to H. P. Cambron and Matilda Fields.

Cambron, Simeon H., male, born ?? ??? 1853 to Henry P. Cambron and Matilda Fields.

Cambron, not named, female, born 05 Sep 1852 to Julina Cambron, father not listed.

Camden, William H., male, born 05 May 1852 to William Camden and Lydia McIntire.

Camick, Isabella, female, born 11 Apr 1860 to George W. Camick and Margaret Monroe, residence Chaplin.

Cammack, Samuel, male, born 24 Mar 1852 on Chaplin to Lomax Cammack and Sarah Bishop.

Cammick, Sarah, female, born 25 Feb 1855 to Lewis Cammick and Sally Bishop.

Campbell, Benjamin B., male, born 19 Apr 1853 to Nathan Campbell and Sarah A. Martin.

Campbell, George N., male, born 19 Oct 1855 to William Campbell and Frances Isham.

Campbell, Robertson, male, born 25 Dec 1853 to Morton Campbell and Mary Northern.

Campbell, Waller E., male, born 27 Mar 1855 to Thomas Campbell and Clarissa Inman.

Canary, James R., male, born 09 Jun 1855 to Will H. Canary and Mary  A. Barker.

Carey, James B., male, born ?? Mar 1857 to E. Carey and M. Royalty.

Carpenter, W. T., male, born 23 Oct 1860 to W. S. Carpenter and N. C. Cheathem, residence Rock Run.

Carrico, Francis M., male, born 31 Mar 1853 to Pius Carrico and Mary Spalding.

Carrico, John F., male, born 26 Jun 1860 to James R. Carrico and Mary Lanham, at St. Rose.

Carrico, John S., male, born 22 Jan 1860 to James H. Carrico and Mildred Blandford.

Carrico, M. E., female, born 09 Nov 1855 to James Carrico and Mildred Blandford.

Carrico, Permelia E., female, born 24 Mar 1858 near Springfield to Edward Carrico and Matilda C. Dillehay.

Carrico, not named, male, born 01 Apr 1860 at St. Rose to William Carrico and Miss O’Daniel.

Carrier, Andrew J., male, born 10 Oct 1853 to Nathan Carrier and Elizabeth Moore.

Carrier, Hester, female, born 28 Oct 1857 to C. Carrier and C. Scott.

Carrier, Martha, female, born 15 Dec 1857 to James H. Carrier and Frances R. Phelps.

Carrier, Martha E., female, born 01 Dec 1860 on Chaplin to George Carrier and Catherine Hooper.

Carrier, William, male, born 06 Oct 1852 to George Carrier and Catherine Hooper, Glens Creek.

Cary, John, male, born 24 Nov 1852 to A. D. Cary and Elizabeth Yocum.

Case, Daniel W., male, born 05 May 1855 to Seph Case and Lucinda Wells.

Case, M. F., female, born 09 Sep 1858 to James Case and Frances Lay.

Case, William M., male, born 28 Dec 1852 to Calvin D. Case and Mary Taylor.

Case, not named, female, born 25 Aug 1852 to John Case and Sarah Satterly.

Casey, E. M., female, born ?? Feb 1860 at Springfield to W. R. Casey and M. S. Coolridge.

Casey, Elizabeth F., female, born 17 Jan 1852 to Perry Casey and Catherine G. Meyers.

Casey, S. B., female, born 03 Nov 1858 to John Casey and A. R. West.

Casteel, Daniel P., male, born 27 Aug 1860 Mayes Creek to William Casteel and Rebecca Armstrong, residence Glens Creek.

Casteel, Martha E., female, born 23 Jan 1852 to William Casteel and Rebecca J. Armstrong.

Cayse, Reuben M., male, born ?? Jun 1860 Deep Creek to Reuben Cayse and Teresa Bottoms.

Cecil, Mary Ellen, female, born 05 Mar 1858 near St. Rose to T. W. Cecil and Rose Riney.

Chaplin, Henry P., male, born 22 Nov 1855 to James M. Chaplin and Serena Davis.

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