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Today In Genealogy History – December 28, 2011

Mary Elizabeth Linton was born 159 years ago – December 28, 1852 – in St. Louis, Missouri.  Mary was the daughter of Dr. Moses Lewis Linton and Ann Rachel Booker.   Mary Elizabeth never married.  She had 10 siblings:  John Hancock, Paul Booker, Ann Rachel, Benjamin, Francis Lewis, Amelia Matilda, Margaret Booker and Caroline Pope Linton.  Mary Elizabeth Linton is buried in the family plot in Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis.

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  1. Mary Elizabeth Linton is a descendant of Capt John Hancock Linton Sr and Ann Nancy Mason, dau of Benjamin Mason and Elizabeth Berkeley. Ann Nancy Mason’s brother was George Mason h/o Elizabeth Grigsby born in Loudoun Co. VA. My 3rd great Grandfather was born in Alexandria Va Fairfax Co, later changed to Loudoun Co. VA. Do you know if the Mason’s were from Loudoun Co. VA too. Philip Porter’s son James Porter b. 1787
    married Ann Nancy Mason b. 1792 named after her Aunt Ann Nancy Mason wife of John Hancock Linton, Capt., and sister of George Mason.

    • Yes, the Masons were also from Loudoun County. I know that Benjamin Mason’s father was George Mason, am still tracking down proof of which ‘George Mason’! But I believe it was the George Mason of Aquia who died in 1729. He was married to Ann Anaple Wigginton. After George died she married William Butler. They had at least one daughter, Elizabeth Butler, who married Nathaniel Grigsby – which, of course, gives us their daughter Elizabeth Grigsby who married your George Mason! These families inter-married so often! Have a great day!

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