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Today In Genealogy History – January 1, 2012

Twins, Theresa A. O’Bryan and Susan O’Bryan were born 150 years ago – January 1, 1862 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Theresa and Susan were the daughters of Francis P. O’Bryan and Martha E. Carrico.  Theresa and Susan were the oldest siblings for Mary Elizabeth, Joseph William, Ann Imelda, Frances Alice, Ann Elizabeth and Robert P. O’Bryan.

Note by Phyllis Brown:  Ellis Island opened 120 years ago – January 1, 1892.  Twenty million individuals were processed through this facility.  It was also used for deportation – in 1932 alone 20,000 individuals were deported.  In WWII it became a US Coast Guard Station.  The doors were closed November 12, 1954, and it became a national part two years later.  In 1990 Ellis Island reopened as a museum.  Think how many of our ancestors came to America in this way!  Use their site free to search for your ancestors!

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