Marriages of Princess Ann County, Virginia

Marriages of Princess Anne County, Virginia

  • Absalom, John married Nancy Trower August 4, 1795
  • Absalom, William married Mary Owens May 27, 1782
  • Absalom, William married Martha Maye September 5, 1793
  • Absolam, James married Rebecca Cavender October 11, 1806
  • Absolum, William married Mary Sparks March 10, 1764
  • Ackiss, Francis married Jacamine Munden, daughter of Nathan Munden, March 10, 1764
  • Ackiss, Francis married Anne Heath November 9, 1809
  • Ackiss, Francis married Amy Robinson January 14, 1814
  • Ackiss, Harper married Elizabeth Boothe March 19, 1815
  • Ackiss, Jonathan married Lydia Buskey May 24, 1782
  • Ackiss, Jonathan married Nancy Gornto February 14, 1811
  • Ackiss, Thomas married Susanna Lamount, orphan of Caleb Lamount, February 6, 1797
  • Ackiss, William married Anne Jackson March 17, 1778
  • Affrica, Mesheck married Hannah Fuller April 19, 1789
  • Airs, Tully married Amy Bonney January 10, 1788
  • Airs, Tully married Mrs. Nancy Flanagan February 10, 1802
  • Alexander, John married Mary Keeling February 8, 1794
  • Allen, Carlton married Sarah Lee November 18, 1807
  • Allmond, John married Mary Murray January 26, 1793
  • Anderson, Demce, Jr., married Betsey Weaver, daughter of Aaron Weaver, January 5, 1796
  • Anderson, Isaac married Hester Jorday December 11, 1781
  • Anderson, Marviel married Nancy Whitehurst January 7, 1791
  • Anderson, Samuel married Nancy Fuller December 27, 1792
  • Ansell, Frederick married Peggy Cason May 20, 1809
  • Archer, James married Lucy Forrest July 27, 1778
  • Arlington, John married Mary Nimmo December 24, 1795
  • Armstrong, George married Elizabeth Swann October 24, 1788
  • Armstrong, John married Rebecca Hopkins October 17, 1787
  • Ayers, Harry married Elizabeth Carrail September 19, 1818
  • Ashby, William married Sarah Simpson December 15, 1797
  • Atwood, Anthony married Frances Cason September 6, 1792
  • Atwood, John married Fanny Padon August 24, 1809
  • Atwood, Thomas married Rachel Simmons September 20, 1787
  • Atwood, Thomas married Mary Otterson December 4, 1794
  • Axtead, William married Mrs. Sarah Brown September 4, 1810
  • Ayres, John married Nancy Whitehurst October 25, 1818

2 thoughts on “Marriages of Princess Ann County, Virginia”

  1. Hello, I am searching the Atwood family in Princess Anne County, Virginia. Looking specifically for information about the parents of William Lovett Atwood, who was born June 24, 1799. His parents names were John Atwood and wife, Elizabeth. If anyone has information please post or forward to me at my email address here at this site.

    Thank you!

  2. Since posting the above, I have found evidence that a couple of the Thomas Atwood’s above, married Princess Anne County, Virginia women. Additionally, these Thomas Atwood’s were related to the Gilbert Atwood line of the Shenandoah, Virginia area. As a lay genealogist, I too find that the Gilbert Atwood line, landed in Maryland, and settled first in Virginia, then removed to Ohio and possibly even Princess Anne County, as they did marry Rachel Simmons and Mary Otterson, of Princess Anne County, Virginia.

    My knowledge of the Atwood family has them first landing in the Massachusetts area, by way of John Johannes Atwood. There were two John’s within the Boston area at that time, and I believe the John younger, is the John with the Atwood line throughout the Massachusetts area as well as the progenitor of the Princess Anne County, Virginia area.

    My wife’s father was the source of this last information, about his line having Indian blood and being descended from the Atwood’s of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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