Family Stories

John Beverly Mann, Biography

from Mercer County, Kentucky – Biographies

John Beverly Mann was born June 12, 1851, on the place where he grew to manhood, and now resides in Mercer County, Kentucky.  His father, James B. Mann, was born in 1807, on Salt  River, three miles south of Harrodsburg where he was reared.  He was a farmer, a Whig, a Union man; for thirty years ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church, and died February 28, 1886.  He was the son of Jackson Mann, a native of Virginia, who, when five years old, was brought by his parents to Kentucky, and was reared in Mercer County; was a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church, which he joined in 1813, and was a farmer and slave owner.  His father was Beverly Mann.  Jackson Mann married Mary Adams and their offspring were Andrew, David, Sally (Davis), James B., Beverly, Eliza (Irvine), Jackson and Mary (Meyer).  James B. Mann married, in 1833, Miss Mary, daughter of Garrett and Rachel (Rynerson) Terhune, of Mercer County, born in 1814, and from their union sprang Thomas C., William J., Sallie F. (Brinton), Anna E. (wife of Gen. Cockrell of Missouri), Jane M., Mollie, Kate, John B. and Alice (Meyer).  October 13, 1874, John B. Mann married Miss Bettie F., daughter of James M. and Mary A. (Banta) Clarke, of Mercer County, (born July 4, 1854), and to them have been born Owen R., Hugh J., Mattie Marie and Bessie C.  Mr. Mann owns 256 acres of productive land, which is kept in a good state of cultivation.  He is a deacon in the Southern Presbyterian Church, and in politics is a Democrat.

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