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Today In Genealogy History – April 10, 2012

Bernard Albert Smith and Bernard Dominic Smith, father and son, were born 129 and 94 years ago – April 10, 1883 and April 10, 1918, respectively – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Marshall Smith and Anna Mattingly were the parents of the elder Bernard Smith.  Bernard, Sr., married Mary Abigail Carrico in 1911.  They had 14 children:  Benjamin, Joseph Gilbert, Thomas Walter, Cathryn Melvina, Mary Helen, Bernard Dominic, Louis Bertram, Mary Isabelle, William Roscoe, William Robert, Richard Mathue, Joseph Ivo, Mary Theresa and Mary Retha Smith.

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  1. I am wondering if somehow these Smiths are related to my 4th great grandfather Bernard Smith (born 1772? MD) who traveled from Maryland through Kentucky to Perry County, Missouri. His wife was Ann Drury and they had a son named James Joseph or Joseph James (born 1814? possibly in Kentucky and not Perry, Missouri?). I am told that his father was also Bernard Smith (born 1750’s) and married a Miss Gallaher. I am not sure if Bernard and Ann Smith stayed in Kentucky or moved through to Missouri.

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