Family Stories

Frederick A. Klein – World War I Soldier

Frederick A. Klein – grand uncle (or great-uncle!) of my husband – was a soldier during World War I.  He was 25 years of age when he signed his registration card on June 5, 1917, and entered service on September 22 of the same year.  His registration card lists him as short, medium build, with blue eyes and brown hair.  When he entered the service he began his duty as a dishwasher – until the head cook gave him an opportunity to learn to cook – and that was his job for the duration of his war service.

Fred was born in Callaway, Nebraska, on September 17, 1892, the son of George Klein (a German immigrant) and Caroline Jungbluth (whose parents came from Germany).  He was a theological student at Faith Home Missionary School in Tabor, Iowa.  Fred had 8 brothers and sisters.  Louis H. was the oldest child, born May 9, 1883, while the family lived in Wisconsin.  Anna C. was also born in Wisconsin on July 12, 1885.  The family moved to Nebraska, living in a sod house.

The family began to grow – Elnora, or Elle, was born December 22, 1887; Edith Margaret, March 18, 1890; the twins, George Arthur and Carl Henry, October 14, 1894; Clara M., December 8, 1899; and Lawrence, March 2, 1902.  Carl Henry lived less than a year.

After the war Fred met and fell in love with Fannie Yates.  They were married at her parents home near Hamburg, Iowa, August 2, 1922.

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  1. Fannie E. Yates, was born in Fremont County, Iowa, in March 1896, the youngest of four daughters of William Fremont Yates (1862-1935) and Fannie Wilkerson (1865-1943). Fred and Fannie Klein had three daughters: Evelyn F. (1924), Margaret E. (February 1929), and Wilma W. (1935). Fred was a farmer in Washington Township, Fremont County, Iowa, but later in life worked in a seed and feed company and the family lived at 1704 Main Street, in Hamburg, Iowa. Fannie died in 1969 and Fred died in May 1980; they are buried in the Hamburg Cemetery.
    -Bob Yates, December 2012

    • Thank you, I will be sure and tell my husband, Ritchey. Edith Klein was his grandmother! Always good to get additional information on the family. BTW, I have a photo album of Lawrence Klein – and most of the people in the pictures are not named. I’ll put some on the blog and see if you – or your relatives – recognize anyone!

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