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John Linton’s Family Photograph – But Which John Linton?

I hate to bombard you with old photos, but this one I found in Cincinnati this past weekend.  It is a great family gathering photo – four women, two men, two little boys and one baby.  The intriguing part, to me, is what is written on the back – John Linton’s Family!  Oh, to know which John Linton!  Does anyone recognize any of these people?  There is no notation on the photo as to location.  I would date the photo to the 1880’s.

There are 41 John Linton’s in my database – and many more I don’t know!  The name alone was sufficient reason for me to purchase this photograph.  I was interested just looking at the photo – several people, the color is very good – some of the old photos are very faded.  The children are beautiful – the little cherub face of the baby and the impatient looks on the toddlers!  Since the women are dressed in black they must be in mourning.

Perhaps together we can find this particular John Linton – and all the names of his family in this photo!

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