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Will of Robert Alexander of Stafford County, Virginia

Will of Robert Alexander of Stafford County, Virginia

Will Book M, pp. 201-202

In the Name of God, Amen.  I, Robert Alexander of Stafford County, Virginia, being sick in body but of perfect mind and memory, do make this my last will and testament.  I give to my well beloved wife Anne Alexander, all my lands in Stafford County, to act with the same as she shall think proper during her life and also four Negroes, Solomon, Natt, Grace and Dinah.  And Solomon and Grace not to be removed off of my now dwelling plantation during their lives, also the thirds of my personal estate and after her death to be equally divided between my two sons hereafter named.  Item.  I give to my daughter Anne Hooe 200 acres of land commonly called Sumner’s Quarter and all things already given in her possession to her and her heirs.  Item.  I give to my son John Alexander all my land in Stafford County now left to his mother after her death, also the Island in Prince William County, commonly called Pexrsons, an island where he now lives on.  Item.  I give to my daughter Parthenia Massey 400 acres of land in Prince William according to my bond and all other things that bond contains and also two white servant women, they having seven years to serve each, and to her liking tradesmen excepted and forty barrels of corn to be paid in two years proceeding the date and on her aforesaid land to be built, at the costs of my executors hereafter named, a 50 foot tobacco house, twenty foot wide and a twenty foot quarter, fifteen foot wide and four cows and calves, four sows with pigs and 800 weight of meat.  Item.  I give to my son Gerard Alexander the Island in Prince William County commonly called Homes Island, where he now lives on, also 1125 acres of land joining to said island, also four Negroes, Robin, Shire, Sam and young man, and 2 beds and furniture and his common riding mare called Squirrel and all her increase and all the rest of his household stuff that is on the said island now in his possession and 13 head of sheep.  Item.  I give unto my daughter Sarah Alexander 400 acres of land joining to Parthenia Massey’s, the same length on the back line and the same breadth on the river as my bonds mentioned to Parthenia Massey, 4 Negroes, 2 new Negro women and two new Negro men, they not to exceed 20 years, a horse of 10 pounds price, a saddle of 6 pounds price sterling, also the same stock and household stuff as my bond mentions to Parthenia Massey to be delivered when she comes to age of 16 by the aforesaid executors hereafter named and the said Sarah, to be maintained by the executors with apparel and diet till the age of 18.  Moreover, I give to my daughter Sarah Alexander 40 barrels of corn and the building of a 50 foot tobacco house 20 foot wide and a 20 foot quarter, 15 foot wide, her plantation use and the said Negroes to be found with clothing for two years and if my daughter Sarah should die without heirs lawfully begotten of her body, then all the things that are given to my said daughter to be equally divided between my two sons John and Gerard Alexander and heirs, and all the rest of my estate, both real and personal, to be equally divided between my two sons and their heirs forever.  Item.  The four Negroes mentioned to my wife to be equally divided between my two sons as aforesaid, but if in case she should choose the thirds of my estate, then the Negroes falling to her part I desire may be equally divided between my two sons as aforesaid.  Item.  I desire that all my lands and Negroes be entailed from heir to heir.  Those excepted being John Alexander’s four already given, Thomas Spring, George, Frank and Will and their increase, and also Gerard Alexander’s four, Robin, Slice, Sam, Young Nan and their increase.  I also appoint my well beloved wife, Anne Alexander, and John Alexander and Gerard Alexander my whole and sole executors of this my last will and testament, dated 28th April 1735.

                                                                  Robert Alexander

Signed in the presence of Richard Todd, Jethro Bunsplatt, Sarah Bunsplatt

At a court held for Stafford County 13th April, 1736, this will was presented, executors made oath and certificate was granted for obtaining probate.

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  1. Has anyone done research on the Noble family that married in to the Alexander family? Starting with George Noble (1685-1735) that was born in Scotland and had a son named Thomas. There is some confusion as to where and when Thomas was born. In Scotland in 1704 or in Maryland in 1727 or 1728? His siblings were all born in Maryland in the 1720’s. Robert Alexander’s (1688-1735) granddaughter Mary Ann Thomas Alexander married George Noble (1726-1800).

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