Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery


Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church is located on the western side of Taylor County, Kentucky, just a few miles from the Green County border.  Shiloh church was begun in 1846 and the new building was erected in 1948, according to a stone tablet above the front doors.  This is a rural area of the county, but very beautiful.  And the day we visited the sun was shining, the sky a beautiful blue and the grass spring green!


As you can see from this photo, the cemetery is not large.  There are older graves around the large tree in the background.


Leonard E. Smith, April 11, 1886 – January 17, 1913.  ‘He has gone to the Mansions of rest.’  Unfortunately this stone was broken off the base and the top of the stone was missing!


Mildred S., wife of Stanton H. Smith, born October 30, 1836, died, December 11, 1894.  ‘The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.’


Theresa M, wife of Stanton H. Smith, born April 16, 1831, died September 4, 1899.


Alice M., wife of W. W. Campbell, born August 14, 1853, died June 8, 1878.  Only 25 years of age!


Katie, wife of W. W. Campbell, November 4, 1860 – March 1, 1923.  Katie Allen was married December 27, 1881.  Good information to have on a gravestone – at least for genealogists!


William W. Campbell, April 30, 1852 – July 2, 1925.  Looks as if William Campbell outlived all his wives!


Maclin M. VanCleave, born June 27, 1835, died July 22, 1896.


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