Family Stories

Civil War Era Women’s Fashions

Of all the photos I have, the Civil War era style of dress is my favorite!  Nothing like a full, long, sweeping gown – what an entrance!  Today I will share a few of my favorites!


I like this photo for many reasons – the woman is wearing glasses.  Very few portraits were taken like this – perhaps a form of pride?  In addition to a nice pattern in the dress material, but I like the addition of her cloak!


This is a nice photo – possibly sisters?  It gives us two different dresses – with the same white collar.


This is a lovely gown, made of a satin material, with nice decoration on the bodice and sleeves.


Definitely a favorite – in addition to the decoration on the bodice and sleeves, the edge of the skirt is scalloped, adding another dimension to the overall look.  And her hair is beautifully braided.


Another lovely gown worn by a more mature woman.  Note the tiny waist.  The hair is drawn back rather severely, in a simplified fashion of early 1860’s.


A delightful photo – what a glorious skirt!  With her hat and jacket this is a superb outfit!


Another beautiful example of Civil War dress!


And finally, our Southern Belle ready for a ball in her off-the-shoulder dress.

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