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Washington County History Tid-Bits

from Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky

Nelson Set.

This day came James Welch before me, a Justice of the peace for said county, and made oath that a bond he had executed by Matthew Penn conditioned for the payment of one hundred dollars provided the said Welch did not receive a bond from Jacob Woireth on a certain George Bruner due to said Matthew Penn; and the said conditional bond which was witnessed by Matthew Walton and David Caldwell is lost or mislaid in such a manner that it cannot be found:  given under my hand this 17th day of July, 1792.  John Caldwell

At a County Court held for Washington County the 4th day of April 1793.  This Instrument of Writing was presented in court by Matthew Penn and on his motion is admitted to record.  Teste John Reed, C.C.  Recorded in Deed Book A, Page 20.

Washington County Set.

This day came before us two of the Justices of the Peace for the said County.  Frances Walton, wife of Matthew Walton, and being examined privately and apart from her said husband freely, voluntarily and without the coercion of said husband, relinquished her right of dower in and to 100 acres of land lying upon Road Run and conveyed by them to Daniel Mock by deed bearing date the 5th day of October 1793.  Given under our hands this 5th day of October 1793.  David Caldwell, Benjamin Hardin.  Recorded in Deed Book A, Page 425.

Fayette County, Pennsylvania, July 29th, 1792.

Sir, I was present when you and Mr. Samuel Grundy purchased a tract of land from James Welch on Cartright’s Creek.  You gave a bond for 100 dollars to Mr. James Welch with an order to receive the money from Mr. Bruner.  The bond is assigned to me.  Your order proved deficient and there was a mistake in the man’s christian name.  Therefore the money was not paid.  Mr. Welch promised to get the order renewed when he went to Kentucky last and send it to me.  I would be glad that you would write the order in my name instead of Welch’s and send it by a careful hand to me with a few lines enclosed to the man that is to discharge your bond.  Direct your letter to Stewart’s Crossing on Youghiogheny River, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, or Jacob Stewart, Esq.

Sir, I am your humble servant, David Stewart

To Mr. Matthew Penn near Mrs. Grundis, nine miles from Bardstown, Nelson County.  At a County Court held for Washington County the fourth day of April, 1793.  This letter was presented to Court, and on the motion of the said Matthew Penn is admitted to record.  Teste John Reed, C. C.  Recorded in Deed Book A, Page 21.


Agreeable to an Order of the Court of Washington County to us directed we have attended Samuel McElroy at the place appointed by said McElroy at a sugar tree marked TP, standing near a spring marked TP, standing near a spring and have caused the witness to come before us.  The  Deposition of Thomas Denton of full age.  This Deponent being sworn saith that in the fall of the year 1777 he, this Deponent being at this place in company with John Denton and Daniel Turner, he this Deponent came to this spring and camped there and marked a sugar tree thus TP.

Question by Samuel McElroy, Did this go by the name of the Waters of the Rolling Fork when you marked this tree?  Answer, yes.  Question by the same, Is this the same spring and tree called for in the location you made in my name for 250 acres of land on a Branch of the Waters of the Rolling Fork?  Answer, yes.  And further this deponent saith not.

Subscribed and sworn to before us this 15th day of September, 1797.  Thomas Denton

Phillip Cleland, Phillip Washburn

We do certify that James McElroy and Isaac Springer was present at the taking of the above deposition and in whose presence also we caused a buckeye standing near to and between the above said sugar tree and large honey locust to be marked SM and standing on a hillside near a spring on the west of Samuel McElroy’s farm.  The above said trees stand between the said spring and farm.  Given under our hands this 15th September 1797.  Isaac Springer, James McElroy

I hereby certify that the within and foregoing deposition was duly recorded in my office the 17th day of October, 1797.  Teste John Reed, C. C.  Recorded in Deed Book B, Page 73.

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