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Matchett’s Baltimore Directory for 1829

Matchett’s Baltimore Directory for 1829

Baltimore, Maryland

I found this list from Matchett’s Baltimore Directory for 1829 on the Maryland State Archives website.  This is a fabulous source for anyone with ancestors from this state.  I have many families in my lines who lived in Maryland before the move to Kentucky about 1795.

  • Moran Gabriel, plasterer, Sharp, near Hill st
  • Moran Richard, meal seller, cor of Eden & Holland
  • Morgan Edward, Aisquith, N of Pitt st (Aisquith is an area of Baltimore)
  • Morgan Thomas, potter, 100 Pitt st
  • Morgan Robert C. grocer, 39 Centre M space
  • Morgan Joseph, dealer in second hand clothing, 27 s Frederick st
  • Morgan Michael, oyster house, Light, near Pratt st
  • Morgan Jesse, brushmaker, 56 s Howard st
  • Morgan John S. accountant, Franklin Bank, dw Ex- eter, N of Water st
  • Morheiser Philip, grocer, 22 Pennsyl’a av
  • Morling Wm. H. saddle and harness maker, 25 Cen- tre Market space
  • Morriarte John, scrivener, Exeter, s of French st (a scrivener is a person who could read and write – a rarity in early days! – who made their living by writing or copying written material)
  • Morrill James, collector, 22 n High st (probably a tax collector)
  • Morrell R. laundress, Strawberry al. near Wilk st
  • Morris Thos. C. ship joiner, Fell, near Ann st (one who constructs the woodwork in a ship)
  • Morris Joseph, watchman, Baltimore, E of Eden st
  • Morris and Egenton, French burr mill stone and plaster of Paris manufacturers, Falls av. near Pratt I street bridge, and corner of Paca and Saratoga sts. n of the Lexington market, dw Pratt, E of the bridge. See advertisement.
  • Morris Owen, brush factory, 1 n Howard, dw cor of Paca st and Dutch alley
  • Morris Wm. rigger, 3 Philpot st
  • Morris Henry, M. D. cor of Market and Alice Anna st. dw Fell’s st
  • Morris James, tailor, Exeter, n of Hillen st
  • Morris, J. B. president of the bank of Maryland, 161 South st
  • Morris Isaac, blacksmith, Charles, s of Montgomery I
  • Morris Rev. John G. pastor of the English Lutherian Church, dw 6 w Lexington st
  • Morris M. cordwainer, Franklin, w of Chatsworth st (shoemaker)
  • Morris Wm. and Geo. and Co. merchants, 2 Lorman row, Hanover st
  • Morrison Jesse, ship carpenter, 114 Wolf, near Fleet
  • Morrison John, rigger, 26 Philpot st

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