Receiving Blogs?

Just a quick message – is everyone receiving their blog notification via email?  I am not and am concerned you may not be receiving yours either!  Perhaps it is just a fluke, but I haven’t had an email since March 25th.  My husband had surgery that day, but I had blogs written previously and set them to publish on succeeding days.  I know they have published because they are on the Facebook Kentucky Kindred Genealogy page.  Such is technology!

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    • I looked on my Gmail history. I went back to March 13 and I have received every blog email every day up to today. No problem here.

  1. I have not received any comments in a while but then I wouldn’t know if I wasn’t receiving any. Is there any way to check?

  2. Nelson Co. Marriages on the 29 th was my last, wondered if my iPad was going crazy cause it was doing weird stuff.

  3. I have been getting them everyday – including since the March date yours stopped.Ron Klein

  4. I’m receiving mine and enjoying them. I did send you an email the night before your husband went into surgery. Hope all went well.
    Sheila Fallows

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