Family Stories

Frederick C. Boettger Biography

from History of Union County, Kentucky, 1886

Frederick C. Boettger, blacksmith and mechanic, of De Koven, is the son of Adam and Rosina (Linderman) Boettger.  His father, who was always a blacksmith, came from Germany to America in 1846; he stopped in Evansville a short time, and then went to the lead mines in Crittenden County, but removed to Union County in 1848; he lived there, with the exception of a short time in Weston, until his death, in 1862.  His wife had already died in 1856.  Frederick C. was born in Germany in 1843, and attended the common schools of Union County for four years, and received some additional training in night schools.  In July, of 1861, he entered the Federal army in the Twenty-Fifth Regiment of Indiana Infantry.  He was a participant in the battles of Ft. Donelson, Shiloh and Hatchee.  He was also at the siege of Corinth and Atlanta, and endured the hard marching of Sherman’s Mississippi raid and the advance upon Atlanta.  At the expiration of his term of service in 1864, he was mustered out of service at Chattanooga, Tennessee.  He then returned home, and, on September 20, 1865, he was married to Mary Jane Erwin, of De Koven.  Seven children have been born of this union, and they are all alive.  Their names are Robert Frederick, William Adam, Charles Henry, Ellen, John R., Rosina and James E.  Ever since his marriage, Mr. Boettger has been employed in the blacksmith and machine trade for the different firms that have had control of the Shotwell Mines.  In his long term of service he has steadily improved, until he is now one of the best general workers in metal in the Ohio Valley.  His range of work includes everything that is ever done in brass, wrought, sheet and cast iron, steel and boiler work.  He has worked and repaired in all the departments of mine machinery, and is a first-class workman, as well as a reliable man.  He really has mastered the trades of seven or eight men in city shops, and frequently is obliged to refit machinery which the company orders from the city foundries and shops.  Altogether, he is an invaluable man to the O. V. R. R. and M. Co.  He is a Knight of Honor, an Odd Fellow, and a member of all the Masonic Lodges up to the Commandery; he has filled all the offices in the Blue Lodge and Chapter, and holds the office of Senior Warden in the Knights Templar.  He is earnest, energetic, popular and a veritable genius as a worker in metals; apparently rivaling the great Tubal Cain as the blacksmith par excellence.

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  1. Especially love this post of history, as my maternal grandmother and grandfather lived and married in Caseyville, Ky, near De Koven..”Watters” and ”Walkers”…. My Great grandfather owned the Queen Motel”, in Caseyville, until it was destroyed by flood , which is the reason they came to live in Paducah, so appreciate reading all I can about that area…

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