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Bible of Joel Reid Lyle of Fayette County, Kentucky

The Bible of Joel Reid Lyle of Fayette and Bourbon Counties, in Kentucky, was last known to be owned by Charles Nourse Lyle of Lexington, Kentucky.  He was a grandson of Joel Reid Lyle and Agnes M. Kenney.  Charles married late in life and had no children.


  • Joel Reid Lyle and Agnes M. Kenney were married September 1, 1807.
  • William C. Lyle and Margaret Ann Caldwell were married on Tuesday, the 25th of October, 1831, by Rev. E. Smith.
  • William C. Lyle and Sarah Ellen Bell were married 11th of October, 1842, by the Rev. John D. Matthews.
  • John A. Lyle and Laura Chambers were married 22nd of November, 1848, by Rev. James S. Kemper.
  • Joel K. Lyle and Maria Catherine Nourse were married Wednesday, December 22, 1852, by Rev. R. J. Breckinridge, D.D.
  • John A. Lyle and Bettie Garrard were married June 7, 1855.
  • Charles Nourse Lyle and Bettie Breckinridge Richardson were married Wednesday, June 27, 1917, by Rev. Edwin Muller, D.D., at First Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky.  (The above Charles Nourse Lyle was named for his mother’s father, Charles Nourse.)


  • John Lyle, ruling elder in Timberridge Church, Rockbridge County, Virginia (who was the son of John Lyle, Esquire, from Ireland, and also a ruling elder in said church), was born in Timberridge, then Augusta County, July 10, 1746.
  • Flora (Reid) Lyle, consort of said John Lyle, was born February 1743.
  • Andrew Lyle, their eldest son, was born March, 1758.
  • Rev. John Lyle was born October 20, 1769.
  • Martha Lyle (McCutchen) was born November, 1770.
  • Joel Reid Lyle was born December 19, 1774.
  • William Reid Lyle was born September 19, 1779
  • Jane (Finley) Lyle was born May 28, 1782.
  • (The Joel Reid Lyle in this record was the grandfather of Lizzie A., Helen and Charles Nourse Lyle.  Joel R. Lyle came to Kentucky in 1801, being in the 27th year of his age.)

Children of Matthew and Elizabeth Kenney:

  • Rebecca Kenney (Givens) born September 17, 1771
  • James Kenney born January 5, 1774
  • Matthew Kenney born January 22, 1776
  • Agnes Kenney born March 12, 1778
  • Elizabeth Kenney (Montgomery) born November 12, 1780
  • Agnes McCreary Kenney (Lyle) born January 22, 1783
  • Sarah Kenney born January 22, 1785
  • Robert P. Kenney born January 22, 1787
  • Alexander Robertson Kenney born January 1, 1790, died December 12, 1844, at Millersburg, Kentucky
  • Mary Huston Kenney born September 8, 1792
  • William McCreary Kenney born August 8, 1794
  • (Agnes McCreary Kenney Lyle, in this record, is the grandmother of Lizzie A., Helen and Charles Nourse Lyle)


  • William Cowler Lyle was born August 16, 1808
  • Sarah Lapsley Lyle was born December 28, 1811
  • Margaret Reid Lyle was born February 15, 1815
  • John Andrew Alexander Lyle was born March 5, 1817
  • Joel Kenney Lyle was born July 17, 1824
  • Maria Catherine (Nourse), now wife of Joel K. Lyle, was born August 9, 1833

Children of J. K. and Maria C. Lyle:

  • Lizzie Agnes Lyle born October 10, 1853, Nicholasville, Kentucky
  • Flora Reid Lyle born June 10, 1857, Lexington, Kentucky
  • Helen Lyle born November 19, 1858, Laird Parsonage, Newton Pike, Lexington, Kentucky
  • Emma Lyle born May 13, 1862, Laird Parsonage, Newton Pike, Lexington, Kentucky
  • Charles Nourse Lyle born December 22, 1865, Lexington, Kentucky


  • John Lyle, father of Joel Reid Lyle, died at his residence in Virginia, September, 1815, aged 69 years, 2 months and 15 days.
  • Flora Lyle, his consort, died January 1815, aged 71 years and about 11 months.
  • Andrew Lyle died in Liberty, Virginia, in 1790 (or January, 1791)
  • Sally Lyle died in early infancy.
  • Rev. John Lyle died at his residence in Paris, Kentucky, July 22, 1825.
  • Joel R. Lyle died at his residence near Paris, Kentucky, January 18, 1849.
  • Agnes M. Lyle, his consort died at the residence of her son, William Lyle, September 19, 1849.
  • Martha Lyle (McCutchen) died in Virginia, July 16, 1851, near Middlebrook.
  • William R. Lyle died at Topton, Iowa, 1852.
  • Sarah Lapsley Lyle, eldest daughter of Joel R. and Agnes M. Lyle, died August 22, 1813.
  • Margaret Reid Lyle, 2nd daughter of Joel R. and Agnes M. Lyle, died August 9, 1815.
  • Rev. Joel Kenney Lyle died in Lexington, Kentucky, April 19, 1872.
  • Maria Catherine Nourse Lyle, widow of Joel Kenney Lyle, died in Lexington, Kentucky, August 2, 1904.
  • Lizzie Agnes Lyle, daughter of J. K. and M. C. N. Lyle, died in Lexington, Kentucky, January 23, 1916.

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