Jacob Diuguid Family of Carroll County

IMG_4415Jacob Duiguid, born January 5, 1812, died February 5, 1891.  Ghent Cemetery, Carroll County, Kentucky.

from Kentucky – A History of the State, Perrin, 1887

Carroll County, Kentucky

Jacob Diuguid, of Carroll County, Kentucky, was born in Virginia, in 1805, and is the youngest and only living child of a family of ten children. His father, George Diuguid, was a native of Virginia, of Scotch descent, and was a farmer. Jacob came to Kentucky in 1837, and is now farming. He was educated in the common schools. He has been married four times; first, in 1837, to Caroline Paterson, of Virginia, who died in 1847, leaving one child, James; second, in 1848, to Louise Jett, who also died, leaving five children: George H., Hiram, Mary, Virginia and Louise F. The third marriage was in 1862 to Joyce Warfield, of Christian County, who also died; and the last marriage took place in 1874 to Agnes Sneed, of Kenton County. Mr. Diuguid’s farm consists of 225 acres, and is well cultivated.

IMG_4422Judith J. Diuguid, born July 2, 1802, died June 25, 1873

I believe Judith to be the sister of Jacob.  In the 1870 census of Carroll County Jacob is listed as 58, farmer, born in Virginia, along with Joyce, 60, born in Virginia; son Hiram, 18; daughters Mary, 15 and Virginia, 13.  Judith Diuguid, 68, born in Virginia, is also listed.  She couldn’t be a wife, since Joyce is listed, and is not old enough to be Jacob’s mother.  Perhaps she came to Kentucky when Jacob’s first or second wife died, to help him with the children.  The children listed are from the second wife, Louise Jett.  Son George died in 1864.  Son James, 29, is living with his wife Kate, 23, and infant son William, 1.

IMG_4424George W., son of J. and L. Duiguid, died April 28, 1864, aged 13 years, 11 months and 20 days.

IMG_4420Joyce P., (third) wife of Jacob Diuguid, born December 11, 1809, died December 24, 1876

A plaque to the memory of the Diuguid and Slack families was placed in Ghent Cemetery, along with seven graves that were relocated from the Duiguid farm when the property was purchased by Kentucky Utilities.  The graves of Jacob, wife Joyce, son George and sister Judith are now in Ghent Cemetery, along with Alice Slack and two unidentified infants.

IMG_4431These seven graves were located on Kentucky Utilities (KU) property on land owned by Jacob Diuguid, who operated a large farm east of Ghent. The cemetery included four graves from the Diuguid family and three additional interments, Alice Slack and two unidentified children. Records suggest Alice Slack was not a member of the Duiguid family and the two identified children may have belonged to the previous landowners, although no historical data could be found. The cemetery relocation was commissioned by KU and performed by Gai Consultants, Inc., in 2010, as a part of the Ghent generating station landfill project. Four headstones from the Duiguid family and the headstone of Alice Slack were recovered and restored. This monument is dedicated to the Duiguid and Slack families and other farming pioneers in Carroll County.

IMG_4427Alice, daughter of J. S. & L. S. Slack, born July 9, 1867, died May 1, 1889.  ‘A fair young flower has passed away.  The blossom of her home Has despaired by death’s mighty power.  And garnered in the tomb, Not lost but gone before us ere we shall meet to part no more.’

IMG_4429 IMG_4430Such lovely remembrances for little ones who were forgotten for so long!

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