Drake Family Buried At Lexington Cemetery

IMG_1471_1Col. Abraham S. Drake, born September 22, 1781, died September 8, 1831.  Lexington Cemetery, Fayette County, Kentucky.

Col. Abraham Stout Drake was born in New Jersey in 1781.  His parents were Nathan Drake, a Revolutionary War soldier, and Tamar Jones.  Nathan and Tamar moved their family to Fayette County, Kentucky, after the war, where  Abraham married Hannah Prall, October 26, 1805.  An interesting note about the marriage – Jedidiah Stout is not only the bondsman, but was the guardian of Hannah.  Stout is the last name of Abraham’s paternal grandmother!  There must be a connection there!

Abraham Drake served as Captain (beginning February 4, 1814) of a company of militia in the War of 1812, which was commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel John Francisco, and served until the end of the war.

IMG_1474_1Hannah, wife of Col. A. S. Drake, born November 5, 1781, died October 26, 1869.

I believe the children of Abraham Stout Drake and Hannah Prall are David S., Benjamin Prall, Mary A., Elizabeth, William M., Julia Rachel, Simeon N., James F. and Abraham Stout Drake – but I found no census records or will to confirm these names.

IMG_1469_1David S. Drake, M.D., born September 29, 1832, died May 18, 1858.

David must be a grandson of Abraham and Hannah – and most likely the ‘S’ stand for Stout!  Such a short life!

IMG_1467_1Laura Drake, wife of ? O. Drake, born November 28, 1811, died July 20, 1877

What do you think the first name of Laura’s husband could be?  My thoughts are Homer, Roger – any ideas?  The rest of the stone is fairly easy to read!

IMG_1470_1Ann, wife of David Drake, died June 26, 1867, aged 50 years.

Another stone that is difficult to read!  Could this be the wife of Abraham and Hannah’s oldest son?  Hopefully you can answer some of the questions we have about the Drake family!

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  1. The Prall and Stout families were very close . I will check my genealogy for some of your answers.

    I tried so hard to see the name you wanted us to guess at – I found myself rubbing my screen to get the moss off the stone. Lol.

    If I just had the first letter………

    Thanks, Kathy

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