It’s Mine! 1800’s Photo Album!


What a find!  I was totally enthralled when I saw this online!  From the 1800’s, and including photos from the 1860’s forward, this photo album is in wonderful condition.  Yes, you can see a little wear and tear at the edges and on top, but to be around 135 years old, it is in fabulous shape!  Much better than many old photo albums I’ve seen in antique stores and online!  Plus, it has 149 photos included!  Just think what I have to share with you!


The album is very heavy – like a family bible.  The cover is very think and is carved in an attractive pattern – the acorns and leaves representative of a family tree of photos?  The closure needs just a little attention – I’ll see if Ritchey can help with that – looks like the pin needs to be put back in the slot.  The pages are gold edged.


This is one of the pages – even taken with my camera you can see most of the photos are quite nice – a few are faint and have spots, but not many!


Isn’t this a gorgeous photo – beautifully dressed woman with lace shawl!  Many of the photos are identified, but not all.  Just received yesterday I haven’t had the luxury to sit and peruse to my heart’s content!  I know two last names in the album – Ballemy and Erler.


Another great page of photos!  Just look at those dresses!

Scan008One actual photo – what a beautiful woman!  Such detail to her dress and simplicity in her hair style!  Although we cannot see all the sleeve, I would guess this to be taken in the 1890’s.  Photo by T. C. Partridge, 8 Sepulchre Street, Sudbury.  No name on this photo.  Just imagine what will follow!


7 thoughts on “It’s Mine! 1800’s Photo Album!”

  1. What a treasure! I have a number of photo albums like this belonging to my father’s family (and he knew who the people were!) He put them inside a cupboard in the garage. (Their house was in Iowa.) And he passed away in 1974 without telling anyone about them. I remembered seeing them when I was small, so I asked my mother about them in the early 1990s. She presumed he had thrown them away. I was so disappointed. Then came the Mississippi flood in 1995. She was sweeping water out of the garage–looked inside a cupboard and found sacks of old pictures still in good shape. I hauled those back to Colorado with me. After Mom passed away in 2003, my sister found more albums in another cupboard in the garage. She sent them to me. Then after we sold the house in 2004 and after the buyer was tearing out old cupboards in the garage, she found the last album high on a shelf. She gave it to the realtor who gave it to the lawyer who gave it to my sister. And now, I have it with the rest of them! My prized possessions!

  2. Wow !!!! That is awesome that you found it online , it”s absolutely gorgeous and you’ll have such fun and delight pouring over it all … The outside of the album is so beautifully designed too …So glad you found it 😊

  3. WOW. what a great find! 🙂 would be so awesome to find names and family trees to attach some of those folks too. 🙂
    what a treasure!

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