Old Photos

Mr. and Mrs. P. Vincent of Kating Hall

Scan045 1Such a wonderful photo from the album – I don’t know where to start!  Mr. Vincent has marvelous mutton chops!  And look at his black velvet coat – small lapels and buttoned at the top – with the waistcoat in full view – is an 1880’s fashion – also the decorate cravat he wears.

Mrs. Vincent is beautifully dressed in a dark satin material, with many layers of ruffles at the hem.  Her tiny waist is shown off by wearing hoops under her dress, and the simple hair style and bodice of the dress would suggest an 1860’s look.

Scan046The photo is a carte-de-visite, an older one with no gold edging, which would date it to the 1860’s.  The only information on back is J. W. Gilmor, Photographer, 29 Head Street, Colchester, in a faint green color – and the name of the couple and where they live.  I could find no information on Kating Hall.  What do you think?

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