Old Photos

Handsome Couple From Cincinnati

Scan094This handsome couple had their photo taken by C. A. Brownell, ‘The Popular Fifth Street Photographer’, Cincinnati, Ohio.

The gentleman is dressed very nicely with his pin-stripe pants and solid vest and coat.  He wears a magnificent ring on his right hand.

But his wife steals the show!  Her beautiful 1880’s dress has a small bustle at the back, but the decorative nature of her dress is amazing!  The bodice, side, collar and cuff motiffs are exceptional!  She, too, wears beautiful rings on both hands, as well as dangling earrings.  Her upswept hair is very attractive.  This couple looks very relaxed with each other, as if they’ve been married several years.

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  1. I have a picture of my grandmother, Alice Turner of Cincinnati, taken by CA Brownell, 196 W 5th Street, Cin’ti (his abbr). On the back was her father’s info: W H Turner, 515 Tanford ( or Lanford or Sanford), Covington, KY
    There are two numbers also that may be a filing system for the “negatives preserved” portion of the info. Thanks for your website. If you’d like me to send you a photo of the photo, let me know.
    Side bar- Alice is wearing a name pin (Alice) which I have.

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