June 15th – Happy Wedding Day!

Mercer County John Arnold married Elizabeth Noel 15 Jun 1789
Mercer County Henry Hardin married Mary Davis 15 Jun 1792
Mercer County John Reed married Mary Grover 15 Jun 1795
Washington County Richard M. Queen married Sarah Webb 15 Jun 1800
Washington County John South married Jenny Mason 15 Jun 1802
Washington County John Thompson married Susanna Mattingly 15 Jun 1807
Mercer County Isaac Mitchell married Peggy Vandike 15 Jun 1809
Mercer County Thomas McGinnis married Anne Mosby 15 Jun 1809
Lincoln County John Owsley married Nancy Whitley 15 Jun 1812
Lincoln County Joshua Lair married Sarah Ramsey 15 Jun 1813
Washington County James Hughes married Anna Lucas 15 Jun 1814
Washington County George Davis married Margaret Hinton 15 Jun 1820
Washington County William Brown married Deborah Copehart 15 Jun 1825
Washington County Daniel Everhart married Prudence Vaughn 15 Jun 1826
Washington County Joseph Pile married Eliza Bland 15 Jun 1829
Washington County James Cary married Elizabeth Riley 15 Jun 1837
Washington County John Hinton married Sarah Hinton 15 Jun 1844
Washington County William Mahoney married Ann Marie Walker 15 Jun 1850
Washington County William B. Durbin married Sarah E. Roman 15 Jun 1865
Washington County Fountain Carrier married Elizabeth Hayden 15 Jun 1871
Washington County Lewis Barbour married Susan Tucker 15 Jun 1872
Washington County Sydney Pipes married Bettie Logan 15 Jun 1881
Washington County J. W. Hiatt married Laura B. McMillan 15 Jun 1882

Any thoughts?

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