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How To Use A Kindle Book For Genealogy Research

IMG_0783Good morning!  Today is a tutorial day – how to get the most out of a Kindle book for genealogy research!  Remember there is a free Kindle app that will let you read anything purchased from Amazon’s Kindle store on your Ipad or Iphone – if you don’t have a Kindle.

I have brought up my St. Rose Catholic Church Baptisms on my Ipad to give you a demonstration.  Once you click on the book from your Kindle or app you will see the cover photo of the book.

IMG_0784The second page gives information about what is in the book, how many records there are, etc.

IMG_0785Then the actual records start – alphabetically by last name – marriages would be listed alphabetically by the grooms last name.  Notice that many of the records give not only the date of baptism, but also the date of birth.  Parents are also listed, the maiden name of the mother when known.

But with so many records how do you find the one you want?  Or, are you looking for the mother’s name?

IMG_0786If you tap the top left-hand corner a menu will come up – the little magnifying glass is a search button.  Click the button and a search field will come up.

IMG_0787Type a name into the field – I chose Carrico since it’s my mother’s maiden name.

IMG_0788Voila!  All the entries containing ‘Carrico’ will be listed.  With your finger click on the entry you want and it will take you to that page.

IMG_0789I know many of you are pros with the new technology, but I have had several questions about this.  Of course, this works the same whether it is a list of baptisms, marriages or gravestones!  Happy researching!

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