Jennie Rion – Death Comes at Age of 20

This beautiful and heartbreaking stone is located in the Paris Cemetery in Bourbon County.  Death at a young age is always sad, but the beautiful verse on the stone gives us an idea of the total grief of the young husband.  Newton B. Rion, Jr., never remarried.  He lived with his father until he passed away, then lived as a boarder.  This must have been a true love!


Jennie, wife of N. B. Rion, Jr., born May 3, 1846, died October 4, 1866.  Paris Cemetery, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

My dearest, darling Jennie, thou canst not came to me.  But nearer draws the numbered hour, when I shall go to thee.  And thou perchance, with seraph smiles, and golden harp in hand, mayest come the first to welcome me, to our Emanuel’s land.

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