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Jacob Linn Buried at Maysville Cemetery


Jacob Linn, born July 30, 1854, died March 12, 1902.  Catherine M. Linn, born November 10, 1856, died February 28, 1920.  Maysville Cemetery, Mason County, Kentucky.

When I first started this post it was going to be the gravestone photo and obituary for Jacob Linn.  With just a little research in the local papers, Jacob has become a ‘real person’ with more than just a few dates added to his name!

First I would like to share the marriage bond for Jacob and his wife Catherine Schatzmann.

linn-marriageBe It Known, That we, Jacob Linn, as principal, and William Schatzman, as surety, are jointly and severally bound to the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the sum of One Hundred Dollars.

The Condition of this Bond is as follows:  That, whereas, Marriage is intended to be solemnized between the above bound Jacob Linn and Catharina M. Schatzmann.

Now, if there is no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage, this Bond shall be void, otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect.

Dated at Maysville, Mason County, this 21st day of June, 1880.

                                 Jacob Linn, William Schatzman

Attest:  W. W. Ball, Clerk, Mason County Court

The information from the second page gives us the date of marriage, June 22, 1880.  The groom lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, is 25 years of age, this is his first marriage.  He is a beer brewer, was born in Germany, as were both his parents.

The bride lives in Maysville, Kentucky, is 23 years of age, her first marriage.  She was born in Iowa and her parents were born in Ohio.

Little snippets from The Daily Public Ledger and The Daily Evening Bulletin give us interesting tidbits about the lives of Jacob and Catherine.

From 1882 it seems that Jacob Linn ran a confectionery, ‘Attention is called to the advertisement of Jacob Linn in this issue of the Bulletin.  He has on hand a fresh supply of confectionery, fruit, canned goods, etc., at low prices.  He is a baker of long experience and proposes to furnish bread, cakes, etc., fresh every day and of the best quality.  Give him a call.’  Daily advertisements are found in the evening papers of Maysville, The Daily Evening Bulletin.  Ice cream was a specialty.  This shop was located on Second Street, below the post office.

July 2, 1892, it says, ‘Jacob Linn and wife, and W. A. Schatzmann, wife and son have returned from a pleasant visit to the  Soldier’s Home at Dayton, Ohio.’  Who did they visit?  Could have been either father who perhaps fought in the Civil War – or possibly a brother.

Jacob was a member of the Knights of Pythias Lodge.  He is listed as one member who went to the installation of the Flemingsburg lodge – ‘They bring back a report of a royal time.’  And on another occasion Jacob and wife, along with others, attended the meeting of the Grand Lodge of K. of P. at Ashland.

In September of 1893, Jacob Linn was granted license to sell by retail ‘spirituous, vinous and malt liquors.’  Ads appeared in the paper that read , ‘If you want Sohn’s Old Gold Beer of Imperial brew, call on Jacob Linn, No. 105 Market Street.  He has the exclusive sale.’  And, ‘Old Bold and Bock Beer, Imperial brew.  Also Bock Weurst at Jacob Linn’s Saturday.’

A Saturday, December 23, 1893, ran the following ad, ‘All the boys will be looking for the best of it next Monday, and no one will be surprised to know that popular Jacob Linn, the well-known saloonist, will be prepared to give them the best of it.  Just think of the bill of fare – Roast Pig and Tom and Jerry.  What a sumptuous drawing card, and what a tempting plate!  Delicious, delightful and splendid will be the roast pig, while the Tom and Jerry will be just as nourishing and rejuvenating as ever.  Remember the place, 105 Market Street.’

Had to look it up, but a Tom and Jerry is a classic warm, winter toddy!  Perhaps this was the last hurrah for the saloon keeper – did it not flourish as he expected?  On January 20, 1894, less than a month past the ‘sumptuous feast’ the paper says, ‘Mr. A. Weland has purchased for his son, Jacob, the interest of Baker Wood in the saloon formerly owned by Jacob Linn.’

Nothing more of Jacob Linn is in the newspaper until his obituary.  Perhaps he sold his business due to poor health.  He died eight years after selling his business.

from The Daily Evening Bulletin, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky

Thursday, March 13, 1902

Mr. Jacob Linn

A Former Resident of Maysville Died Wednesday at Covington – Burial Here Friday

Mr. Jacob Linn, formerly a resident of Maysville, died shortly after noon Wednesday at his home in  Covington, of dropsy.

Mr. Linn was in his fiftieth year, and is survived by his wife, who is a sister of Mr. William L. Schatzmann, of this city.  He leaves no children.

The remains will be brought here for burial.  the funeral will take place Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the resident of Mr. Schatzmann, 227 West Second Street.

Any thoughts?

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