Old Photos

Bergman Photography – Louisville, Kentucky – 1868-1894


Isn’t this a handsome young gentleman?  Very clean cut, hair parted on the side, with the extra swiped back at the top.  He is a very smart dresser.  The high button on his coat give us a hint that this photo was probably taken in the 1870’s.  The jacket of the suit has a high top button, that when buttoned would still show the rest of the vest.  The vest also has a collar, which is from this decade.

This is the first time I have seen a tie pin in the knot of the tie.  Is this a new trend, or is this following a group he is associated with?  And from the second button hole of his vest hangs what looks like a group’s crest.

Louis Bergman, the photographer, located his studio at Second and Market in Louisville.  Perhaps that is near The Mayan Cafe – one of my favorite restaurants!  Louis was a German immigrant, his wife Carrie was born in Louisiana.  Their one child, Carrie, took over the photography studio when she reached the age of eighteen.  Louis Berman was President of the Photographers Mutual Society of Louisville in 1883.

I’m always interested in Kentucky photos – although I have very few.  Does anyone recognize this gentleman?

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  1. The tie pin, and the fob hanging from the buttonhole, almost look like they could be from some sort of fraternal order. Something like police? Or Masons, IOOF? I can’t get my photo program working this morning, or I’d get it to enlarge so I could see it. (mutters something dire, and dastardly, about aging computers)

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