Old Photos

The Charles and Alice McClain Family

fam-2-1This is a great family photo – everyone spruced up for the camera.  The best part, a family member was thoughtful enough to write the names on back!  This is Uncle Charley and Aunt Alice McClain.  Elmer, the oldest son, married Dorothy; Jack married Mamie; Miller does not have a spouse listed, and Elsie married Davie.  So many times there is nothing written on the back of a photo, and this one has a wealth of information – not only listing the people in the photo, but giving the names of spouses!

The photo is 5.5 X 8.5 inches, with a two inch black border.  The white blouses of the ladies and the size of the photo lead me to believe it was taken about 1910.  Unfortunately there is no photographer’s name – or where the photo was taken.  I tried a search with just the names and the father’s date of birth as 1860.  Without a place name it is almost hopeless – even with the names of all the children added to the search.

Does anyone recognize the people in this photo?  With so many names, hopefully we can get more information about this family.

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