A Trip Through Bethlehem Baptist Cemetery In Green County

Bethlehem Baptist Cemetery in Green County is small, the stones are not very elaborate, but it is well taken care of – you know these deceased family members are very important to the remaining loved ones.

img_7885C. B. Lowe, January 5, 1884 – August 24, 1947.  At Rest.

img_7886Lou Annie Lowe, January 21, 1887 – January 1, 1932.

img_8447W. B. Heizer, January 25, 1850 – November 29, 1916.  At rest.

img_7893Sarah Lile, 1857-1944.

img_7899Jane Polley, 1801-1894.

A beautiful stone, though faded – the gates of heaven stand open, flowers within.

img_7900Miley Polley, Company B, 13 Kentucky Infantry.

img_8451A view of the cemetery.  Notice the line of stones going almost diagonal in the  photo – markers, but no names.

img_7901Maggie S., daughter of Thomas and Frances Burress, born November 7, 1872, died August 12, 1900.

img_7902Thomas Burress, October 28,, 1845 – January 5, 1925.  Private Company E, 37th and 55th Regiment, Volunteer Kentucky US Mounted Infantry, Civil War.

img_7892Another view of the cemetery.

img_7907Mamie Herron, October 8, 1913 – February 8, 1931.  Wife.

img_8441I hope you’ve enjoyed our visit to Bethlehem Baptist Cemetery in Green County, Kentucky.

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