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Susan Lewis Book

In response to yesterday’s post about the last piece of the puzzle found in the Susan Lewis Book – bible – I thought I would share the actual information in this book – births, deaths, marriages, family information.

Susan Lewis Book

February 1837 . . . . . $4.50

Family Register

Read/Brown Line:

  • Coleman Read, son of Andrew Read and Elizabeth his wife, was born December 2, 1686.
  • Coleman Read and Ruth, his wife, were married the 1st of July, 1712.  Before marriage, Ruth Bragg.
  • Elizabeth Read, their daughter, born 17th June, 1713, who intermarried with Thomas Brown, and Elizabeth Brown, their daughter intermarried with John Lewis; they were the father and mother of Dan Lewis.

Lewis Line:

  • William Lewis emigrated from Wales and settled in Northumberland County, Virginia.  His son William moved to the south, and his son, Vincent, moved to Loudoun County, Virginia, [at the time Stafford County], and intermarried with Ann Longworth, and their oldest son, John Lewis [above] intermarried with Elizabeth Brown, father and mother to Daniel Lewis.
  • Joseph Lewis, son of Vincent Lewis, intermarried with Catherine Linton, and their daughter Susan Lewis intermarried with Daniel Lewis on the 5th day of April, 1793, whose names and births are on the other side of this leaf.  Catherine Linton’s mother before marriage, Susan Hancock.

Daniel and Susan Lewis:

  • Daniel Lewis was born the 2nd day of August, 1770; married the 5th April, 1793; died the 13th September 1852.
  • Susan Lewis, his wife, was born 10th March 1773; died 16th September, 1845.

Children of Daniel and Susan Lewis:

  • Linton Lewis was born 19th of April 1794; died August, 1796.
  • Matilda Brown Lewis was born 23rd October, 1795; died 28 May, 1855.
  • Jonathan Davis Lewis was born 5th September 1797.
  • Alfred Linton Lewis was born 28th May, 1800.
  • Mary Rebecca Lewis was born 19th of November, 1802; died 5th of April, 1846.
  • Elizabeth Catherine Lewis was born 31 December, 1805; died 6th of April, 1814.
  • John Joseph Daniel Lewis was born 28 May, 1811; married 6th of March, 1838; died July 2125, 1885.  Emmorine Minor Brewer Lewis, his wife, was born 7th of December, 1813; died 10th of February, 1871.
  • Susan Frances Lewis was born 30th July, 1841.
  • Fannie Lewis, born July 30th, 1841; married February 8th, 1860; died September 4th, 1902.  Jonathan Wood Berkeley was born April 5th, 1833; died March 9th, 1887.  Infant son of J. Wood and Fannie L. Berkeley born November 8th, 1870; died November 8th, 1870.  Infant son of J. Wood and Fannie L. Berkeley born February 19th, 1873; died February 19th, 1873.  Emma Lewis Berkeley, daughter of J. Wood and Fannie L. Berkeley, born March 22nd, 1878; died November 2nd, 1879.

Minor Family:

  • John Minor was born November 16, 1785.
  • Fannie Minor, his wife, was born December 7, 1787.  [born Fannie Sandford]
  • Louisa R. Minor was born April 1, 1811.
  • Emmorine Minor Lewis died February 10th, 1871.
  • John H. Minor was born December 7, 1815.
  • Elizabeth Minor was born May 24, 1818.
  • William E. Minor was born March 28, 1823.
  • James H. Minor was born July 6, 1825.
  • Fannie E. Minor was born January 20, 1827.
  • Ben F. Minor was born January 28, 1829.



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  1. I enjoyed reading this post, and the previous one. Thanks for sharing it. You indicate that William Lewis (first in the line indicated) emigrated from Wales. Some sources indicate that he was born in 1685 in Northumberland Co., VA and that his father John Lewis was the immigrant. (Pioneer Lewis Families, v. 1 & 4, by Michael L. Lewis and John Lewis: the Lost Pioneer by Daniel Reid Long, Jr.) Either way, this family’s arrival in 17th century VA is pretty murky.

    By the way, what is the “Minor” family connection indicated in Susan Lewis’ Book? Which Lewis married a Minor?

    Does anybody know anything about the Longworth family mentioned in these posts.

    • There are 5,981 marriages listed. There is an alphabetical listing of those married, sorted by last name of groom, including the date of marriage. Volume I contains marriages from the following counties, which includes the date of inception for the county. Remember that Kentucky was first Fincastle County, Virginia, then became Kentucky County June 17, 1776. Fayette County – May 1, 1780, Jefferson County – May 1, 1780, Nelson County – October 18, 1784, Bourbon County – October 17, 1785, Mercer County – October 17, 1785, Pendleton County – December 4, 1787, Woodford County – November 12, 1788, Scott County – June 22, 1792, Washington County – June 22, 1792, Shelby County – June 23, 1792, Harrison County – December 21, 1793, Franklin County – December 7, 1794, Campbell County – December 17, 1794, Bullitt County – December 13, 1796, Bracken County – December 14, 1796, Boone County – December 13, 1798, Gallatin County – December 14, 1798, Henry County – December 14, 1798, Jessamine County – December 19, 1798, Nicholas County – December 18, 1799

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