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How I love to cook for my family and friends. Not a professional by any means, many of my recipes have been handed down from my mother, my grandmothers, and my aunt. I love to make these dishes since it brings back wonderful memories of those days in the kitchen with those who are now gone. In that way I suppose it is partially a genealogy cookbook! And speaking of genealogists we not only look backward, but forward. So, too, with cooking. And so there are many recipes made for and with my children. As adults we love to cook together, the kitchen crowded, foods made for each and every time we are together. Making memories with each mouthful!

Written in 2011, this was a year in the life of a Kentucky family.  Our two children, Linton and Kate, are grown and have been out of the house for about ten years.  Most of the time I cooked for Ritchey and myself, simple suppers, using ingredients from our small garden and making the dishes we love.  Occasionally there were big dinners for family and friends.  All were made with love, mindful of the people I would serve.

Now Ritchey and I are retired.  Life is quite different – more time to concentrate on the things we love.  Genealogy and writing for me; hiking and geocaching for him.  We have been blessed with a grandson, Julian, who loves food as much as the rest of the family!  Now seemed a good time to share these recipes and snips of family stories with you.  Enjoy!



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