Family Stories

Main Street Harrodsburg – Circa 1860

In Mr. A. B. Rue’s book – Historical Sketch of Mercer County, Kentucky – published in 1904 for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition (better known as the 1904 World’s Fair), I found drawings of the east and west side of Main Street, Harrodsburg, produced around 1860 by Henry Junius.  There is a corresponding key to give information about the shops and owners of this time period.

According to his obituary, Henry Junius came to Harrodsburg in 1855 when a young man, and engaged in the hardware and tin business.  He would know quite well the other merchants and goings on in the ‘city’.

Most of the people on this list are buried in Spring Hill Cemetery in Harrodsburg.  Some were descendants from the earliest pioneers of the town, others came from far away lands.

John VanAnglin died March 31, 1881 according to an early Harrodsburg newspaper.  He was considered an ‘old’ citizen in that year.  Daniel Curry, grocer, died in 1901.  Otto Redwitz died April 6, 1904.

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