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Private Joseph Linton Nally Gave All During WWI

Private Linton Nally, 1894-1919.  Died in France.  Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery, Nelson County, Kentucky.

In the quiet Gethsemani Cemetery of rural Nelson County, lies a war hero.  Joseph Linton Nally fought during World War I and gave his life in France, defending our country and the allied nations.  He was such a young man at the time of his death – only 25.

Linton, as he was known, was the youngest child of George Napoleon Nally and Annie Linton.  In the 1910 Nelson County census George is listed as a farmer, 52 years of age, he and his wife had been married 30 years.  Annie is 55, has born seven children, seven living.  Three children live with their parents – Anne, 19; William, 17; and Linton, 15.

On February 20, 1917, Linton married Mary Lillian Hicks.   January 6, 1918, a son was born, Randolph Joseph Nally.

Linton’s WWI registration card lists his date of birth as August 7, 1894, lived at RFD#1 New Haven, Kentucky (in Nelson County).  He is married.  Linton is described as tall, of stout build, with blue eyes and light colored hair.  I could find no other information about his service.

Linton must have come home at least once while on duty, because on the day of his death, January 7, 1919, Lillian was six months pregnant with their daughter, Mary Oneida, born April 16, 1919.

In the 1920 census Lillian and her two children are living with her father, Daniel Hicks.

In the 1930 census Lillian Hicks Nally has married Joseph Sidney Reid.  They have a houseful of children, Randolph and Mary Oneida Nally the oldest.

Mary L. Reid, December 24, 1892 – June 24, 1973.

Lillian lived an additional three years after her second husband died.  She was buried next to Linton Nally.


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  1. Hi cousin Phyliis. Thanks for reporting on Linton Nally, a first cousin of my dad. Most, if not all, the info in your report here comes from the info you gathered for the 161 page book you did for me. concluding in March 2006, on the Linton family line from the late 1600s down through Capt John Linton through my dad’s father, William F. Linton. Linton Nally, as you report above, was a son of Wiliam F. Linton’s sister, (Mary Louisa Ann) Annie Linton. So if I have the proper category correct, I am a First Cousin Once Removed of Linton Nally.
    As you will recall, I gathered some of the info in your book from my cousins, and one bit of info was a Feb 20,1917 wedding photo of Linton and Lillie Nally which appears at page 145 of our book. I recall suggesting as the first line, as an impression of Lillie’s expression in the photo: “A handsome couple. Yet do we see in their eyes, especially in Lillie’s — a premonition?” Indeed, per your book at page 145, “Lillie would have been barely pregnant with their second child, Oneida, when Lint’s service in World War I began on July 22, 1918.” And, “Oneida was born about 3 months after his death.”

    Best wishes,
    cousin Dick Linton
    Katy Texas

  2. What’s the name of the book written about the Linton family? I am Mary Lillian Hick’s great granddaughter and would like to know more about that line of my family.

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