Old Wills

1824 Will of George Scott – Daviess County

Daviess County, Kentucky – Will Book A

Pages 3-4

Know all men by these presents that I, George Scott, of Daviess County, Kentucky, this day have made my last will.  Respecting the distribution of my small portion of my earthly property in the manner as followeth.

To wit.  First my lawful debts to be paid and secondly I will to my daughter, Sarah Mullican, son Elisha and son William, son Asa, son George, son Elijah, daughter Jenna, daughter Matilda and grandson Milburn, one dollar each.  Also I will my interest in a judgement obtained in the General Court at Frankfort against Hicks & Campbell Richmond for thirty-three and some other hundred dollars unto the above named Sarah, Elisha, William, George, also Elijah, Jenna and Matilda and whereas there is some sales made on Judgement they are equally interested in them as if sales had been made in Judgement.

I also will to son Elijah 75 dollars in stock property valued at commonwealth paper.  To my daughter Matilda a young mare.  I will the plantation on which I now live to son Abner and James B. Scott.  I will that my daughter Polly shall have one hundred and fifty dollars instead of the land to be counted out of my estate afterward, all and singular of property belonging to me I will to Polly Scott, Abner and James B. Scott, both Negroes, horses, cattle, hogs, sheep and household plunder and all these to my three youngest children, but that there should be no mistake I will that my wife Susannah be carefully maintained out of the property willed to her children and that the property afore mentioned be left with her and her children during her lifetime or until her children come of age except such as to discharge debts or to purchase necessary or that appears to be a surplus for to be disposed of as occasion may see fit.

I hereby appoint Warner Crow as trustee over my estate to assist until the children come of age or otherwise to buy, sell, direct, collect debts, to pay off and to act as he thinks just according to the afore mentioned will for on behalf of my wife and her children.

In witness I have set forth my hand and seal this 1st day of November 1824.

George Scott

G. Calhoun, Samuel Calhoun


At a County Court began and held for the County of Daviess at the Court House in Owensboro on Monday the 13th day of June 1825, this will was exhibited in Court and duly proved to be the act and deed of the within named George Scott, by the oaths of George and Samuel Calhoun, subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and Warner Crow, the executor therein named made oath to said will and executed bond agreeable to law and a certificate for obtaining a probate thereof in due form was granted the said executor which will is duly recorded in said Court.

Attest. George Hanley, Clerk Daviess County Court

State of Kentucky, Daviess County Court, June Term 1867(?)

The above containing the above foregoing will having been destroyed it is now ordered that the same be re-recorded.  Witness my hand this 10th day of June 1867.

Thomas C. Jones, Clerk

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