Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery Listing – Washington County

Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church, located in central Washington County, Kentucky, just off Hwy 555, north of Springfield, is near and dear to my heart – for several reasons.  The first would be that my 4th great-grandfather, Captain John Hancock Linton, who fought in the Revolutionary War and moved his family from Virginia to Kentucky in 1818, helped build this church.  I believe he gave part of his land for the church and cemetery, and pews were made from trees growing on his land.  This was the year 1833 – only three years before the captain died.  He decided to be buried in the family cemetery three miles closer to town.  But many of his grandchildren and generations following were buried here – my ancestors!  Linton, Moran, Edwards and others.  And, this was the church my husband’s father pastored for three years in the 1960’s.  Ritchey and his family lived in the parsonage just down from the church.

The 150th anniversary of the church was held in 1983, two years after our marriage.  We attended, heartily welcomed by the people of this small church.  Dinner was held in a parish building past the cemetery.  Good food, companionship and memories were abundant.  And in their book of history was the program from our wedding!

From the left, Phyllis Brown, hubby Ritchey Brown, oldest brother Randy Brown, and second oldest, Rod Brown.

In 2005, the 175th anniversary, not only did Ritchey and I attend, but two of his brothers.

Ritchey and I photographed 857 gravestones during one full day and several other shorter time periods.  This is a cemetery we visit often.

I hope you find some of your ancestors in this database!  As in the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery Listing you can request photos of your ancestors gravestones by sending me the corresponding number.

1 pleasant grove gravestones



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  1. Hello Phyliss. What a wonderful surprise to discover in this post that Randy Brown is your brother-in-law! I knew the Brown family well and considered Randy one of my first “boyfriends” although I’m not sure he thought of me that way. I remember his parents, especially the time they invited me to go to Louisville with the family for a visit to the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I also attended the 1983 Anniversary at Pleasant Grove with my father who grew up in Pleasant Grove, and attended the little community school there behind the church. His parents, Dr. and Mrs. Hopper were loyal worshipers at the church and are buried in the cemetery along with my other relatives including the Litsey and Hays family. I’ll be buried there, too. My tombstone is already in place, and I’ll be last of the line. I’m so grateful you took that day to photograph all the tombstones and put them on a CD (which I bought). Thank you for all the work you do. It has helped me so much with my own genealogy work.

    • Sandra, how very nice to hear from you! I’m sure Randy remembers you! I didn’t realize there was a little school behind the church. Is that where they have their dinners and fellowship?

      I thought I your name sounded familiar – how did you like the CD? I don’t get much feedback and really want to know if they work well and how much information is found. Think we’ll make it to the 200th celebration?

  2. Thank you, once again, Phyliss, for the great treasures of heritage you provide. Even though I may not know of the families in your posts, I enjoy each and every one. Best wishes to you always. JB

  3. Love this write-up – There is a small church in Newton County, IN and I feel EXACTLY the same way about it – and the family cemetery just down the road – Mt. Zion Church and Buswell Cemetery. I like your writings.

    Nicki Stillings ________________________________

    • Thank you, Nicki! I see that you are in northern Indiana. Just over the state border from Kentucky on Hwy 421 (Hwy 7 in Indiana) is the small town of Madison. A few miles out of town is a small church, Wirt Baptist Church – they have gravestones from their cemetery that were placed in front of the church. I believe a road was made through the cemetery in recent years. Very old stones. Ritchey and I stopped and photographed the stones while coming back from a visit to our son in Indianapolis.

  4. Thanks for all of you hard work. My husband, Tom, and I visit the cemetery each time we visit from Tennessee. He is descended from the Litseys.

    • I’m also a descendent of the Linsey’s. My grandmother was Katie Bell Litsey Hopper, My great grandfather was Judge Berry Litsey. . . And the tree keeps going back to Anthony Litsey who apparently migrated from Scotland. My great uncle, David Litsey wrote a very interesting history of the Litseys in Washington County which is in the library at the Kentucky Historical Center in Frankfort.

  5. I have very much enjoyed reading your posts. I’m wondering if you have done or plan to do any research in Lincoln County KY? I’ve got a mystery there in 1802. Thank you for all your research and sharing what you learn.

  6. I really enjoy reading your posts on early Kentucky. Do you have plans to include Lincoln County KY in any of your postings? (Did I miss it but I didn’t see Lincoln listed in either Vol 1 or the projected Vol 2 of the wedding books?) I have a bit of a mystery there in 1802 and would be thrilled for some insights. Thank you for all your research and sharing what you find here.

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