A Visit to Independence Cemetery – In the Town of the Same Name – Kenton County

Charlotte, wife of A. Bhymer, born December 3, 1828, died June 24, 1889.  Independence Cemetery, Kenton County, Kentucky.

Alford Bhymer, born April 28, 1824, died August 24, 1906.

Mary Belle Pope, 1856-1930.

James M. Williams, born June 4, 1816, died February 27, 1873, aged 67 years, 8 months and 23 days.  Minerva Williams, born June 22, 1829, died November 3, 1887, aged 58 years, 4 months and 11 days.

Benjamin Franklin Bristow, 1847-1927.  Stella Williams Bristow, 1868-1927.

James DeMaris, 1875-1930.  Jessie DeMaris, 1879-1930.

James H. Poor, 1825-1903.  Mary W. Poor, 1834-1915

Herman Von Righthofen, 1846-1913.

Jacob Miller, 1840-1883.  Mary Miller, 1843- .  Frank Miller, 1874- .  Infant, 1873-1873.  Jake M. Miller, 1879- .

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  1. I was wondering if you have any of the history of this cemetery. I’ve found the will of Thomas Harris, a Revolutionary War veteran, who designated in his will that some of his farm be set aside for a cemetery for not only his family but for any of the neighbors who needed a place to bury their dead. According to stories, Mr. Harris’ family cemetery became the Independence Cemetery. Thomas Harris and his wife are buried here, as well as his daughter Elizabeth (no stone) and her husband, John Ragan. These are my 2nd (John and Elizabeth Ragan) and 3rd (Thomas and Martha Harris) grand-parents.

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