Madrid Bend Cemetery – Fulton County

One of the most exciting parts of our trip to western Kentucky in March was visiting Madrid Bend Cemetery in the far part of Fulton County.  This area, also known as Madrid Bend or Kentucky Bend, is a little piece of Fulton County that is divided from the rest of the county and state by the Mississippi River and a portion of Missouri.  The earthquakes that struck this district 1811-1812, plus the yearly flooding of the river and erosion, has changed this area so very much.  The city of New Madrid, Missouri, is directly north of Kentucky Bend, across the Mississippi River.  I have learned that part of the original town of New Madrid is now in the river, half-way between the two states.  The purple dot on the above map shows where the cemetery is located – just over the border into Kentucky.

These maps, hanging in the New Madrid Museum, show the changes made by the earthquakes, erosion and flooding 1810-1990.

Madrid Bend Families Cemetery – This cemetery was originally an Everett Cemetery, located northwest of this location, on the west side of the bend.  It was created circa 1850 and moved to this location on Everett land around 1910, due to erosion by the Mississippi River.  The last Everett left the bend in 1923, but female descendants of Everett’s, as well as Whitson’s, used the cemetery thereafter.  The land is now perpetually owned by the Carrie Parks Wilson Trust.  Dedicated to our forefathers and their families who tamed this territory and called it home.  Madrid Bend Cemetery Fund Trust, Inc., H. Ray Everett, President.

James W. Cross, born December 29, 1844, died February 6, 1879.

Martha M., wife of James W. Cross, died November 21, 1869, 22 years, 1 month, 24 days.  Our babe died May 29, 1865, aged 5 days.

Lizzie, daughter of J. R. and Belle Adams, born January 23, 1886, died January 9, 1906.

Belle, wife of J. R. Adams, born January 3, 1867, died April 14, 1906.

The front must be the information for J. R. Adams – unfortunately is extremely difficult to read.

William A. Whitson, February 24, 1875 – May 12, 1921.

Jemima Peace Barry, born July 13, 1850, died July 3, 1926, wife of Thomas Taylor Barry, MD, beloved mother and grandmother.

Greenberry Watson, died August 30, 1853, in the 64th year of his age.  Erected by his wife Margaret Watson.

Nannie, wife of J. W. Webb, born December 23, 1868, died August 23, 1891.

Photo showing older stones with new stones as per below.

Erected by Lawrence Everett to the memory of his father, William Everett, born June 26, 1785, departed this life August 3, 1852.

Lawrence B. Everett, Sr., born August 28, 1818, died October 20, 1903, safely anchored in the harbor of eternity.  Son of William and Christian Everett.

In memory of my wife, Josephine Everett, wife of Larry B. Everett, Sr., born April 18, 1828, died October 27, 1875, daughter of Greenberry Watson.

Beautiful view of Madrid Bend Cemetery.

Known burials without headstones – Finias and wife Mary Everett Clark born August 1869, death unknown, daughter of Richmond C. Everett.  Joshua C. Everett, 1827 – July 19, 1866, son of William and Christian Everett.  Kate Forrest Everett, born Mary 27, 1866, died circa 1901, married Thomas King, daughter of Lawrence B. Everett and Josephine.  Nancy Byrd Everett, 1854-1885, second wife of Lawrence B. Everett, Sr.  Lynn A. Whitson, born July 7, 1939, died December 1939, son of Early J. and Mary B. Whitson.

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