Family of Daniel Colbert, Jr.

Family of Daniel Colbert, Jr.

Hancock County, Kentucky

Daniel Colbert, Jr., was born in 1789 in Jefferson County, Kentucky, the son of Daniel Colbert, Sr.  He first married Mary Flint on March 25, 1815, in Knox County, Indiana.  Daniel Colbert, Jr., died between 1860 and 1862 in Hancock County, Kentucky.  His entire family is buried in Poplar Grove Cemetery.

Mary Flint Colbert died in 1834, in Oldham County

Children by first wife:

  • John Colbert, born 1816 in Henry County, Kentucky
  • Wellington Colbert, born January 13, 1817, in Henry County, Kentucky; married Catherine Estes, February 23, 1841, in Hancock County, Kentucky; died March 5, 1877, in Hancock County
  • Elvira Colbert, born 1818 in Henry County; married William L. Estes, January 2, 1838, in Hancock County
  • Samuel Colbert, born November 3, 1819 in Henry County; died April 21, 1878, in Hancock County
  • Arilla Ann Colbert, born December 22, 1820, in Henry County; married Charles Cavender, February 5, 1842, in Hancock County; died January 9, 1902, in Hancock County
  • Virgil Colbert, born 1822 in Henry County; died January 1880 in Hancock County
  • Rachel Jane Colbert, born 1824 in Oldham County, Kentucky; married John T. Gillim, March 31, 1846, in Hancock County
  • Daniel C. Colbert, born 1825 in Oldham County; married Nancy Montgomery, November 5, 1847, in Hancock County
  • William Colbert, born September 19, 1826, in Oldham County; died March 5, 1877, in Hancock County
  • Joseph Colbert, born 1828 in Oldham County
  • Richard Colbert, born 1832 in Oldham County; married Georgia Ann Gatewood, October 21, 1856, in Hancock County
  • Mary Colbert, born 1834 in Oldham County; married John W. Harrod, February 1, 1855, in Hancock County

Delila (Abbott) Colbert, a widow, married Daniel Colbert, Jr., October 6, 1834, in Oldham County; died in April 1840 in Hancock County.

Children by second wife:

  • Jemima Colbert, born 1837 in Hancock County; married James L. Duncan, January 17, 1856, in Hancock County
  • Hiram Colbert, born 1839 in Hancock County

Phebe Richards Colbert, married Daniel Colbert, Jr., October 18, 1840, in Hancock County.

Children by third wife:

  • Mahala Colbert, born 1842 in Hancock County
  • Lucinda Colbert, born 1843 in Hancock County
  • Sally Jane Colbert, born 1846 in Hancock County
  • Hester Colbert, born 1850 in Hancock County

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