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Photograph – Two Women from Staunton, Virginia

Today I share a wonderful photograph with you taken by D. J. Landes, whose studio was located at 23 East Main Street in Staunton, Virginia, approximately 1870-1890.  Ritchey and I have been to Staunton many times, I just wish I had thought to look up this address to see what is located there at this time.

But let’s talk about the women in the photograph.  Their dresses do not appear to match with the background – and the full ad for the photographer on back.  These women are wearing dresses more typical of the end of the Civil War era.  Their dresses are very plain with no hoop skirts.  The woman standing has pleats in her skirt, whereas the lady sitting does not.  There are no bustles of the 1870’s nor the numerous ‘layers’ of skirts from the 1880’s.  I doubt these women were wealthy.  Look at their hands – those are hands that have worked many years.  Their hair is parted in the middle, pulled back from their faces and made into a bun at the nape of the neck.

Do you think them sisters?  Is there enough age difference to be mother and daughter?  It is beautiful to look at the fashions through the times, but I am more interested in the people themselves.

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  1. I am a Knick, who grew in Staunton. I will look up Barbara Knick in “William Knick and his descendants” book. William Knick fought was from Maryland and in revolutionary war in South Carolina. We settled in Rockbridge County VA.

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