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Update to William Houston McKee Family of Laurel County

Thanks to all of you who enjoyed the post William Houston McKee Family of Laurel County, Kentucky, posted on April 17th.  David, a reader, is a member and the historian of the Masonic Lodge in London, Kentucky.  He sent some information I think you will be interested in – three pictures to share that add greatly to the post.  He also mentioned the burial site in A. R. Dyche Cemetery is not the original McKee family burial site, but they were moved there at a later date.  The A. R. Dyche Cemetery was originally known as the Parker Cemetery, with the first burial being in the 1890’s.  There is a McKee Cemetery located across from the A. R. Dyche Cemetery – started for the slaves of the McKee family – so it is possible this area was originally McKee land.

William H. McKee became a Mason while in Virginia.  This is his certificate of membership in the Staunton Masonic Lodge No. 13 in Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia, dated February 25, 1805.  His signature is on the left side, just under the lodge seal.  This certificate is on display in McKee Lodge No. 144 in London, Kentucky.

This is a copy of the City of London Charter 1826.  The first signature of the city commissioners is William H. McKee.

This is a portrait of John McKee, twin brother of William H. McKee.  Did he and William favor, or were they exact opposites, as is my husband and his twin, Rickey.

I hope you enjoy these additions as much as I did.  Thanks to David for sharing!

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  1. I was wondering if through your research you have information on the Anderson surname, from Laurel and Rockcastle Counties? I have been researching that surname for my genealogy for some time and have hit a fewroad block around the 1860’s and 1870’s. I am sure as a researcher you understand the frustration of such.

    Thanks Norman Anderson

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  2. Oh my goodness,
    My mother’s side is McKee. We descend through Thomas Silas McKee. The picture you shared is almost and exact match for one of my family members. Any and all information on the McKee family I am interested in
    Manu Forti

  3. Your husband does not look like his twin…. It is intriguing how dna sorts this out.

    I once knew a family and the boy did NOT look anything like either of his parents. BUT, he looked exactly like his grandmother. My granddaughter, when young, did NOT look like either of her parents. She looked exactly like her great aunt!

    Thanks always for your excellent posts!

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