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Squire Grant Scott and Harriet Louisa Hughley Family – Carroll County

I happened upon the photograph of Squire Grant Scott’s gravestone, located in Ghent Cemetery in Carroll County, and thought he and his family would make an interesting blog to share with you.  I was not disappointed.

Squire was born May 13, 1800, In Boone County, Kentucky, the son of Moses Scott and Margaret Porter.  He married Harriet Hughley March 7, 1822.  Their marriage was solemnized by Absalom Groves, and the bondsman was William Hughley, perhaps a relative of the bride.

A list of the known children of Squire Grant Scott and Harriet L. Hugley:

  1. Periander Cadmus Scott, July 13, 1823-April 3, 1852.
  2. Mary Ann E. Scott, March 10, 1827-September 15, 1896, married Thomas J. Jenkins.
  3. Margaret Jane Scott, August 6, 1829-February 19, 1873.
  4. Agnes R. Scott, August 18, 1831-July 16, 1866, married Newton Williams.
  5. Lucinda H. Scott, July 26, 1834-August 31, 1879, married Orville Williams.
  6. Harriet Louise Scott, April 25, 1842-October 30, 1870, married R. W. Kirtley.

In the 1830 census of Boone County the family contained one son, 5-9 (Periander); Squire, aged 30-39; two daughters less than five (Mary Ann and Margaret); and Harriet, 20-29.  This works perfectly with the ages of Squire and Harriet – born in 1800, Squire would be 30 years of age in 1830.  Harriet was born in 1803, making her 27 in 1830.

In 1840 the family gets a bit complicated.  There is one son, 10-14 (perhaps this son was born in 1830 after the census was taken?  There is no other mention of this child, perhaps he died young); one male 15-19 (Periander).  Also, a male 20-29 – a laborer or relative?  Squire is 40-49.  There are two females 5-9 (Agnes and Lucinda).  Two daughters, one 10-14 (Margaret), and one 15-19 (Mary Ann), as well as Harriet, 30-39.

In the 1850 census we find the family living in neighboring Carroll County, in the city of Ghent (named after the more famous European city).  Squire is a farmer with $13,000 in real estate and is 50 years old.  Harriet is 47.  Daughters Mary A. E. is 23; Agnes R. is 19; Lucinda H. is 16; and Harriett L., named for her mother, is 8.  Also living with the family is Joseph Calloway, 12, who was born in Indiana.  Margaret Jane is not living with the family.  At the age of 21 she has probably married.  Son Periander is still living in Boone County with the John Cainter family.  He is 27 and is a Baptist minister.

Mary and T. J. Jenkins married September 2, 1851.  Agnes and Newton Williams married January 19, 1853.  Lucinda and Orville Williams married August 6, 1857.  Harriet Louise Scott married R. W. Kirtley, per her gravestone, I could find no marriage record.  She was known by her middle name, Louisa, nicknamed Wesa.  This is the way she was listed in the 1860 census, the only child living with her parents.

Two years after the census, in 1852, Periander Cadmus Scott dies.  Since he lived in Boone County he may be buried there.

Agnes Scott Williams died July 16, 1866.  She is buried in Ghent Cemetery but I did not take a photo of her gravestone.

S. G. Scott, born May 13, 1800, died August 26, 1867.

Squire Grant Scott died August 26, 1867, in Carroll County.  His will was written August 23rd of that year – he knew he was dying.  There is not a death record to give us an indication of how he died.  Squire’s will tells so much more about him, personally, than an ordinary will.  The first section deals with the acre of land he has laid aside to be used by the city as a cemetery.  He chose plots for his family and also chose the odd numbered plots from fourteen to twenty-five for persons unable to pay for a burial plot.  He was a kind soul to think of others.  At this date the Scott Cemetery has been joined with Blanton-Owen Cemetery, Ghent Masonic Cemetery and Ghent I.O.O.F. to make the second largest cemetery in Carroll County.

Squire names his four living children, and their spouses, and gives the children of his deceased daughter Agnes Scott Williams, his five grandchildren, one child’s share.

Will of Squire Grant Scott

Carroll County Will Book 3, Pages 62-63

Know all men by these presents, that I, Squire G. Scott, of Carroll County, Kentucky, do make, ordain and publish this instrument of writing as my last will and testament, to wit.  First.  Having recently purchased, laid out and improved an acre of ground near Ghent in this county, according to a plat made out by Ben O’Neal, surveyor, in which there is some little inaccuracy which is to be corrected by laying out an additional walk or walks as suggested by me, I desire that said plat when so corrected shall be recorded in the Clerk’s Office of the Carroll County Court and that the said ground shall be set apart and held sacred forever as a cemetery and burying place for the dead in all future time, the title for the present and the management and control thereof to be vested in my executors hereinafter named and until my grandson, Periander Scott Jenkins, shall arrive at the age of seventeen years when the title and management and control thereof shall vest in him during his natural life, and upon his death to be vested in such trustee as may be appointed by the proper court, invested with authority by law to perpetuate such trustee from time to time forever.  I have and do hereby set apart and reserve, in lots number fifty-four (54), fifty-five (55), fifty-six (56) and fifty-seven (57) as shown on said plat for the use of my own family and descendants.  The out lots numbered from fourteen to twenty-five on the plat I have and do hereby set apart for the use of such persons as may be unable to purchase lots.  The residue are to be sold and disposed of from time to time upon such terms and conditions as my executors or trustees managing and controlling the same for the time being may in their discretion think best and the proceeds as far as may be necessary applied to repairing and improving the grounds and keeping them in repair in all future time.  Second.  Having heretofore made advances to my several children to the amount and value of about five hundred dollars each, except my unmarried daughter

Harriet Louisa, I give and bequeath unto her the sum of five hundred dollars to her and her heirs forever, to equalize her with the others.  Third.  All the residue of my estate, real and personal, or the proceeds thereof after paying debts and expenses, I give and bequeath to be equally divided between my beloved wife, Harriet Scott, and my children, Margaret Jane Kirtley, wife of James A. Kirtley, Mary Ann Eliza Jenkins, wife of Thomas J. Jenkins, Lucinda H. Williams, wife of Orville Williams, Harriet Louisa Scott, and my five grandchildren, children of my deceased daughter Agnes R. Williams, my wife and living children to take share and share alike, and the five grandchildren jointly to take one share or child’s part to them and their heirs forever.  Fourth.  I nominate, constitute and appoint my two sons-in-law, Thomas J. Jenkins and Orville Williams, executors of this my last will and testament with full power and authority in their discretion to sell and convey all or any part of my estate, real or personal (subject to the aforesaid provisions in regard to the cemetery ground) at such time and upon such terms as they may in their sound discretion think best.  In case of the death of either of my grandchildren above provided for before arriving at the age of twenty-one years, without living descendants, such share or shares to go to the survivor or survivors of said grandchildren, my executors above named are to retain in their hands and under their management and control the bequests to my said grandchildren, to be paid over as they severally attain to the age of 21 years or marry, it being my will and desire that their father, Newton Williams, shall in no eventhave any interest in or control over anything so bequeathed to them.  In testimony whereof I have made and published this instrument of writing as my last will and testament, revoking all others, this 23rd day of August 1867.

S. G. Scott

In presence of S. W. Taylor, W. B. Winslow

Carroll County Court Regular Term, September 1867

A writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Squire G. Scott, deceased, was presented in open court by Thomas J. Jenkins and Orville Williams, the executors therein named and proved by the oaths of S. W. Taylor and W. B. Winslow, two credible witnesses who attested said instrument, whereupon said writing is admitted to probate as the true last will and testament of said Squire G. Scott, deceased, and ordered to be recorded.  It is herewith duly recorded in my office this 2nd day of September 1867.

Att.  R. F. Harrison, Clerk

After the sale of personal property and land, a total of $14,421.57 was left to be distributed among Squire Scott’s six heirs – Harriet, his wife; four daughters, Mary Ann, Margaret, Lucinda and Harriet; and the five grandchildren of deceased daughter, Agnes – a total of $2,405.59 each.  In today’s money that amount would be $54,818.64 – each.

Harriet Louisa ‘Wesa’ Scott Kirtley died October 30, 1870, at the age of 45 of consumption.  She is buried with her parents.

Wesa, wife of R. W. Kirtley, daughter of S. G. & H. Scott, born April 25, 1842, died October 30, 1870.

Harriet Louisa Scott lived seventeen years after the death of her husband, dying September 6, 1884.  She was listed in the 1880 census in Owen County, living with daughter Mary and son-in-law T. J. Jenkins.

Harriet L., wife of S. G. Scott, born November 11, 1803, died September 6, 1884, aged 80 years, 9 months, 22 days.


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  1. Hello,
    This was really interesting, thanks for putting this information together! There are, however, a few errors.
    My husband is the great great grandson of Agnes Scott Williams, and we have the Scott family bible.
    Some interesting additions are the fact that the house Squire Scott built on the river is still standing ( and recently restored).
    And Periander Scott died in the explosion of the steamer “Redstone” which occurred as his family was on shore waving goodbye. His body was never recovered.
    The daughter Harriet Louise “Wesa” died after the birth of her daughter; the father remarried and it seems the daughter was raised by maternal relatives.
    I much appreciate your interest in and work on this subject!

  2. This was really interesting, thanks to the researcher putting this information together! There are, however, a few errors. We have the honor of owning the Scott family bible.
    Some interesting additions are the fact that the house Squire Scott built on the river is still standing ( and recently restored).
    Periander Scott died in the explosion of the steamer “Redstone” which occurred as his family was on shore waving goodbye. His body was never recovered.
    Wesa Scott died at age 28 after the birth of her daughter.

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