Gravestone Photographs From Vanceburg Cemetery – Lewis County

Ritchey and I visited Vanceburg Cemetery in October of 2015.  It was a gorgeous day, full sun – fall at its best!  And the views of the Kentucky River were fabulous.  This cemetery is located in the city of Vanceburg in Lewis County, and is also known as Woodland Cemetery.

James Severn Pollitt, born April 1, 1839, died November 2, 1885.  Lucy C., wife of J. S. Pollitt, born December 15, 1845, died November 2, 1919.

Lee Plummer, April 18, 1853-January 10, 1918.

Sacred to the memory of Nancy Ralston, Consort of J. N. Ralston, who was born January 6, 1806 and died October 27, 1831.

Sacred to the memory of Ann Eliza Ralston, who was born November 17, 1825 and died November 26, 1832.

John Henry McElhany, January 3, 1855-August 3, 1922.  Mary Elliott McElhany, February 22, 1854-November 12, 1936.

Elizabeth M., wife of Benjamin and mother of Robert Redford, born in Bourbon Co., Ky., December 30, 1798, died March 3, 1860.

John Hammond, October 13, 1837-April 15, 1910.  Charlotte, his wife, June 24, 1832-February 12, 1909.

Agness, wife of William Plummer, died February 14, 1885, aged 93 years, 6 months and 5 days.

Peter Ruckel, 1830-1916.  Gertrude Ruckel, 1835-1916.

In memory of Elizabeth, Consort of James Redden, was born in Somerset County, Maryland, December 28, 1770, and died here October 10, 1841.

James Redden died August 9, 1852, aged 75 years, 13 days.


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