Marriage Records

1877 Marriage Register – Breckinridge County

Breckinridge County Marriage Register

Date of Marriage – Parties Names – By whom Married – Place of Marriage – Names of Witnesses Present

  • Married September 18, 1877, Daniel L. Collie and Miss Sallie C. Morris, by George B. Overton, at A. R. Morris, Rev. George H. Morris and Rev. J. W. Bowen.
  • Married September 17, 1877, F. M. Ryan and Miss Mary L. Couden, by V. Elgin, at Bride’s mother, Miss Lizzie Kay, Mr. George Haynes and Mr. Walter Smart.
  • Married September 20, 1877, J. F. Claycomb and Miss Mary M. Head, by William Head, by William Head, M.G.B.C., at William Head’s house, Frank Atwood, Jesse Keyes and others.
  • Married September 20, 1877, James C. Wright to Miss Barbara E. Basham, by D. S. Campbell, Minister, at Herrod Basham’s, George Basham, Herrod Basham, John E. Basham.
  • Married September 23, 1877, Taylor Atwood and Miss Nannie Squires, by J. Armstrong, at bride’s father’s house, Alfred Miller and A. M. DeJernett.
  • Married September 17, 1877, Alfred Webb and Miss Julia Winans, by Henry C. Hook, at Harrodsburg, Kentucky, Henry Board, Elijah Board, Robert Cox and Samuel Kennedy.
  • Married September 27, 1877, Thomas L. Miller, and Miss Ida Heston, by J. H. Lemier, Minister, at M. E. Church, Biou Jolly and Nannie Jolly.
  • Married October 2, 1877, Thomas A. Manning and Miss Mary S. Greenwood, by J. P. Raona, at ?, John Manning and Eliza Speaks.
  • Married September 30, 1877, Elijah R. Eskridge and Mrs. Virginia F. May, J. H. Lemier, Minister, at bride’s residence, G. P. Haswill, J. H. Haswell and Morris Eskridge.
  • Married October 1, 1877, E. B. Smith and Miss Amanda C. Hudson, by J. H. Lemier, Minister, at bride’s father’s house, William Carman, Felix Butler and John Butler.
  • Married October 4, 1877, William Gibbs and Miss Lizzie B. F. Turpin, by William Obanlinkels, pastor, at Long Lick Church, Julie Blar and Jane Turpin.
  • Married October 11, 1877, George W. Dowell to Miss Georgia Dowell, by J. C. Craten, Minister, at W. Mays, Ezra Dowell and Sam Dowell.
  • Married October 11, 1877, Gideon P. Miller and Miss Lulu A. DeJernett, by J. Armstrong, at A. R. DeJernett’s, Jo DeJernett and Taylor Beard.

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