Old Photos

Early 1900’s Photo

I have an early 1900’s photo to share with you today. The photo is on a 9″ x 7″ grey cardboard, with an raised oval design in the center. The photograph has been cut slightly smaller than the oval and pasted in the center. It’s not a carte-de-visite or a cabinet card used in the 19th century.

Very seldom did a woman have a photograph taken wearing her glasses. I suppose it’s the bit of vanity in all of us to try to look our best, especially in a photograph that will be handed out to friends and relatives. I suspect this woman is a teacher, proud of her work and doesn’t mind being seen as ‘imperfect’. She wears the high collar of the times. Her bodice is decorated with various colors and shapes of material, but yet coordinated.

Don’t you wish we knew this woman’s name and where she lived?

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