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1869 Marriages – Morgan County

I wanted to share these marriage records from Morgan County with you today.  Quite a bit of information was written down – more than some counties!  It is interesting that they wrote the location of where the marriage took place.  If you look at the map of Morgan County I’ve attached, those names I found are shaded in green.  Lost Creek, Sandy, Wheel Rim and Grassy Creek are small communities in Morgan County, all with their individuals stories of the people who lived/live there.

Marriages of Morgan County, Kentucky

  • March 30, 1869 – George W. Howard married Mary Ann Gillam, by Rev. James Fugett, at James Fugett’s, “Lost Creek”, issued March 30, 1869 by J. C. Todd, Paid, Witnesses Jesse Gillam, Granville Fugett
  • March 24, 1869 – Alfred Crase married Emily J. Elam, by Rev. Eli Williams, at Daul Elam’s “Wheel Rim”, issued March 22, 1869, M. Lykins, witnesses Andrew Walter and John Elam
  • April 14, 1869 – James Dehart married Nancy Mabry, by M. L. Carter, J.P.M.C., at Levi Mabry’s “Sandy”, issued April 13, 1869, Paid W.T.H., witnesses Calvin Goodman and William Jenkins
  • January 10, 1869 – Joshua McClain married Miss Scythia Hill, by Samuel B. Ramey, Minister of the Methodist Church, at “Residence of her mother” “Morgan County” “Janet”, issued January 10, 1869, Paid J.C.T., witnesses Thomas Brown and John Pelfrey
  • April 17, 1869 – Richard T. Elam married Elizabeth C. Harper, by J. B. Fugett, J.P.M.C., at Thomas Quicksall’s “Licking”, issued April 17, 1869, paid W.T.H., witnesses James W. Brown, Isom Helton
  • April 21, 1869 – William H. Utterback married Amanda S. Donahue, by William Mynhur, County Judge, at W. H. Utterback’s “Northfork”, issued April 20, 1869, Paid W.T.H., witnesses Henry C. Day, Caroline Day
  • March 30, 1869 – Isaac B. Johnson married Margaret Ward, by Rev. Jo McKell, at Jo Nickel’s “Bek Water”, issued March 30, 1869, Paid W.T.H. by J.N., witnesses Zarilda Nickell, Nancy Ward
  • May 20, 1869 – Mr. O. Perry Carter married Miss Margaret E. Cecil, by Rev. G. D. Turner, at J. M. Cecil’s “Grassy”, issued May 18, 1869, Paid W.T.H., witnesses J. M. Cecil, Raney Carter
  • April 15, 1869 – Mr. B. T. McClure married Miss N. E. Hon, by Rev. M. B. McClure, at Wes Peyton’s “Grassy”, issued April 10, 1869, Paid M.S., witnesses W. L. Givedon, J. K. Carter
  • April 10, 1869 – Mr. James H. Hamilton married Miss Martha Todd, by Elisha Smith, J.P.M.C., at Lewis Todd’s “Paint”, issued April 10, 1869, J.C.T., charged, witnesses William R. Williams, J. C. Todd
  • October 22, 1869 – Rufus Steagall married Sarah A. Caudill, by Rev. Rufus Humphrey, at B. J. Cox’s “Sandy”, issued October 20, 1869, J.K.H., charged, witnesses N. J. Robertson, Isaac Caudill
  • December 3, 1869 – Isaac S. Flannery married Sarah C. Gray, by Rev. Rufus Humphrey, at J. M. Gray’s “Sandy”, issued November 28, 1869, J.K.H., charged, witnesses A. J. Howestin, James S. Gray
  • December 30, 1869 – Zachariah Brown married Patsy Ann Gray, by M. L. Carter, J.P.M.C., at Saul Gray’s “Sandy”, issued December 29, 1869, J.K.H., charged, witnesses S. H. Gray, D. C. A. Gray

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