Marriage Records

1861 Marriages – Lincoln County

1861 Marriage Register of Lincoln County Kentucky – Page 64

  • August 8, 1861 – Roland Gooch to Almira Dishon, by W. F. Camden at Francis Dishon’s, witnesses M. C. Reynolds and William Dishon.
  • July 28, 1861 – James Vandivire to Amanda Spires, by W. F. Camden, at James Spires’, witnesses E. Beymant, William Spires
  • September 17, 1861 – S. W. Haile to Nannie D. Terrell, by A. W. LaRue, at M. O. Portman’s, witnesses Matt Portman, Thomas Hays, J. K. LaRue
  • September 7, 1861 – J. M. Lusk to Bettie Holtzclaw, by A. W. LaRue, at Ben Holtzclaw’s, witnesses William Holtzclaw, W. A. Holtzclaw and A. Suddeth
  • September 12, 1861 – John Duddenar to Nancy A. Reynolds, by A. W. LaRue, at James Reynolds’, witnesses Daniel Miller, James Dudderdor, Jr., J. K. LaRue
  • September 4, 1861 – Isaac Ballard to Dica A. Bemont, by T. W. Napier, at James Thompson’s, A. J. Norris, Elijah Woods and Ezekial Bemont
  • August 15, 1861 – Thomas W. Blackerby to Mary A. Holtzclaw, by S. S. McRoberts, at Wesley Holtzclaw’s, witnesses Wesley Holtzclaw, William Holtzclaw and Samuel Blackerby
  • September 26, 1861 – Woodson C. Montgomery to Mary Furgerson, by T. W. Napier, at Edmond Furgerson’s, witnesses Comm. Smith, James Harris, Jr.
  • April 3, 1861 – Jesse B. Walls to Martha E. Waldon, by Benjamin Scales, at Rev. Scales, witnesses J. D. Buster, James M. Scales and others
  • October 1, 1861 – W. T. Stone to Mary Trailor, by A. Adams, at C. Trailor’s, witnesses Laban Withrow, James John Myers, John Logan Joitin (?)

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